Last Sunday's Grammy Awards were a blueprint for how to mash together a whole bunch of artists and genres, and still manage to mostly pull it off. Whether they be classic collabs (Jay Z and Beyoncé opening the show with "Drunk In Love"), new joints (Katy Perry and Juicy J performing Katy's new song "Dark Horse"), random combinations that worked (Kendrick Lamar tearing it down with Imagine Dragons on "m.A.A.d city"/"Radioactive") or mass weddings disguised as performances (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis linking with Madonna and Queen Latifah), the Grammys somehow were able to pull together a couple teams that seemed to only exist in dreams.

Well that got us thinking over at XXL headquarters about some of the collaborations—real, imagined, unlikely and unnecessary—we'd really like to see. Without further ado, here are TK mashups we'd bump in the office if the artists got together. —XXL Staff

Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift

One could easily tell that Taylor Swift is a fan of Kendrick's by the way she was visibly digging his performance with Imagine Dragons at the Grammy Awards, so it certainly wouldn't hurt to see these to jam out on a record. As Taylor is also no stranger to rap collaborations and is indeed overdue on her rap fix, maybe K Dot and Ms. Swift should think about hitting the studio sometime soon.

Bastille and Drake

Given that Drake has been singing more on his tracks, the back-to-back Saturday Night Live guests gave us an idea... a dangerously evil idea. The two artists should collaborate with one very specific stipulation; the neo-synth pop group—best known for their single "Pompeii"—must rap the verse, and Drake has to sing the chorus. Grossly compelling stuff. Plus, think about the sweaters that would be involved—now that's high quality.