Jan. 1, 2014. That means it’s the first day of New Year’s Resolutions. Some may have personal goals. Others have career-oriented milestones they wish to accomplish before the year ends. Whatever the case, everyone has got one (or a few) that they like to see through.

We asked a few key people in hip-hop what their plans are for 2014. Twista wants to spend next year getting money and going hard with music. Meanwhile, Paul Wall believes getting his kids to school on time would be the biggest reward. As for Mac Miller? He doesn’t want to tell a single lie! Find out what else others have in store for 2014.



Gear up to get money and go hard. I laid back a little bit for a few years and now it is time to turn it up. Turn the switch on. It ain’t nothing. The engine still works.

Raheem DeVaughn


Probably number one on my list will be cultivating my relationships. I have a lot of fans in the music industry and people of power that are fans of my music that I have never really reached out to. Just cultivate my relationships for business purposes. I have a radio show that I have been doing for two years. I just released my first major release as an independent artist. Just enjoying that independent world, dropping viral videos, creating my own cult following and really just branding that and get bigger with that.

Paul Wall


My New Year's Resolution, to get my kids to school on time [Laughs].

Mike Jones


Just take my time, move slow and just please the people who please me. Before I was pleasing too many people and people wasn't doing the same back. And by the time I really learned how to be here, I really had to make me take a relax back, cause you got to think what's more important, this or you? So I had to [answer] to let me see what I want to do, let me see what's important. I'm good now, I just want to live and take my time now, put a project out, give the people the real and what's going on on my side that I see and still give you that music.

Mac Miller


Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?

Yeah, I gotta be hashtag #honest all year. I gotta not tell a single lie.

Future's really rubbing off on you, huh?

Yeah dude, it's real. [Laughs] I actually just thought of the fact that—[To dog: 'What are you trying to be a mountain climber, dude?']—he has the hashtag #honest thing after I made up the resolution. I'm not biting. I'm not biting out here, bro. For real. [To dog: 'That's not your house, dude.']



I start my resolutions before the New Year comes because everyone starts something that first day. I think every day is a chance for a resolution. So when you wake up in the morning, it’s like resolve whatever you want to do. I think 2014 for me is going to be being a voice in the community. It’s going to be me walking people through issues and kind of being a role model. I’m not here to preach at people. I am here to walk with them and that’s really my role. One day, hopefully, I can be like a Russell Simmons and have a voice in the political world and in the social issues world and so on and so forth. That’s 2014 for me.

Kid Capri


To stay healthy and to stay strong. To keep going. I’m blessed with the accolades I have. I don’t have no complaints. I am appreciative of whatever God has there in store for me to come next. It’s all in his plan.

Ted Smooth


2014, every year I start talking about my album, some shit come up and I gotta put it to the side. But, 2014 I am really gonna try to push for this album to get done. I think it is time. I think everybody need it. I just want to focus on that. Besides that, everything else is still moving. The remixes still poppin’. I got a couple of radio things in the works, so knock on wood, 2014 is going to be a great year.

Bun B


To gain a healthier lifestyle. That's my whole thing; it's not just lose x amount of pounds, I need to actively change my lifestyle. It's gotta be mental as well as physical. I can't just be like, once I lose weight, that's it, the goal is achieved, and then there's nothing else to strive for. So I just want to live healthier every day. I'm changing my diet, that's gonna be the biggest thing—I eat terrible, and I eat at terrible hours. So that's what I'm working on now. Once the diet changes—I have no problem with the exercising—the diet negates anything I do on the exercise side. So once I make that drastic change in diet, that should be okay. [Touring] isn't an excuse anymore, because there's craft services and shit, there's catering on site, and catering's healthier than it's ever been.



My New Year's Resolution is to try to kill this year’s goals. The goals that we set and accomplished—I have to destroy them. I have to look back and say 2013 was nothing compared to 2014. And that’s going to be hard as a motherfucker because I swear this is probably the most entertaining, exciting year of my career. I’ve done damn near everything I set out to do. We as a company, me as a man. And handling different situations. I’ve had a great year, so my goal is to crush it and totally demolish it. That’s the goal.



My New Year’s Resolution is to hit every continent next year and then it’s to clean out my fucking closet—all the old clothes that I don’t want. That shit’s vital. I got way too much shit.

Lil Bibby


I need to get rid of all negative energy. I don’t want no negative people around me. I need some people that will keep it real.