XXL Celebrates 40 Years Of Hip-Hop With Five Special Covers

This year hip-hop marked a major milestone with the celebration of its 40th anniversary. This month XXL honors that achievement with five collector’s edition tribute covers featuring some of biggest acts in hip-hop history including Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, OutKast and LL Cool J. XXL magazine also combed through four decades of hip-hop to narrow down the top 10 most important albums and songs per year from 1973-2013.

The rest of the issue is jam packed with stories on YG and DJ Mustard’s new movement, the success of Tech N9ne’s Strange Music in 2013, the best Karen Civil story yet, Nipsey Hu$$le, Sage The Gemini, Isaiah Rashad, Young Scooter, Bun B and much more. Plus Eye Candy Of The Year!

XXL hits stands nationally on Dec. 31, 2013.

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LLCoolJ40YearsIssue152 LilWayne40YearsIssue152 OutKast40YearsIssue152 SnoopDogg40YearsIssue152

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  • Sonny Gillespie

    These are dope. Awesome

  • Cwigg

    Lose the Lil’ Wayne cover, replace him with Pac &/or Biggie…..Pun.
    Jesus….gotta have Nas &/or Rakim way before Wayne!

  • BrianRaider

    This Is Hot

  • balls of duty

    no dre, em & fif :o
    no death row or bad boy
    no pac, biggie or rakim

    but yall got wayne get the fuck outta here

  • wat

    Seriously, how is there no B.I.G., Pac, Em, Nas, or Dre? At least sharing covers or something?

    • INIT

      cause they died before xxl first published. xxl is reusin old covers of theirs

      • Guest

        XXL has had B.I.G. and Pac on a bunch of their covers.

      • fuckyou

        Pac died in 96 you dumb fuck!!!!! But i feel you though wat….

      • whiteout

        XXL did NOT exist n 1988 (LL.) This is an ATROCITY. NO EXCUSES.

      • whiteout

        “XXL is an American hip hop magazine, published by Harris Publications, founded in 1997.”

  • Izzy Reynard

    I think there should of been five covers with an artist from each era. Like the Sugarhill Gang in the ’70s, the Beastie Boys in the ’80s, ‘Pac in the ’90s, 50 in the ’00s and someone new like K. Dot in the ’10s. Doesn’t have to be those specific artists, but I thought the concept would’ve been cooler.

    • malmoeone3


      • gtt

        co-sign the co-sign

    • truth

      00s would be Drake kdot better than him but ain’t been hot or around long enough to compete

      • malcolm

        stupid fuck it in 00′s its obvious eminem

    • Eric Diep

      Cool idea, but we gathered photos of these artists that have never been in the public. Those older acts you’ve mentioned – a lot of rap fans have seen photos of them.

    • BBSU

      Actually those artists are perfect imo, maybe I’d say Em for ’00′s, but all of them are the best representations for their decades.

    • Izzy Reynard

      I’m surprised I got such great feedback on this.

  • morris

    haters mad cause wayne is on the cover. He deserves it way more than these other irrelevant clowns. They aint hot no more get over that. Typical haters!

  • Petro6

    Lil Wayne????!!!! really???

    • Eric Diep

      It was the start of his reign. From 2000 on, it was nothing but heat. 500 Degreez, Carter, C2, C3. And you can’t forget his Dedication series. Definitely deserves a nod for 40 years of hip-hop

      • jjdestructs

        Even Tha Carter 4 was hot

    • jjdestructs

      Yeah he deserves it give him his credit, though idk why there isn’t more rappers on here

  • truth

    All the artists on here def deserve being on the covers especially Wayne that man has always made hits and is still always on the radio, not to mention his accomplishments, they should have had em Wayne n Jay share 1 , pac and big on 1 Dre n snoop, then outkast and nas share

  • Tic706

    Dope covers. And I get why these artist were picked. All 4 are hupe rap artist to someone.


    40 yrs of hiphop and no Nas edition??? sumtn aint rite

    • wat

      No Nas, No Em

      NO B.I.G., NO PAC smh

  • FuckWithStoopKidYouKnowHeGotIt

    it was all good until wayne popped out.

  • MrLex

    How is there no KRS-One, Nas, Wu-Tang, Rakim covers?

    • Pete ConCrete

      cuz dey dont sell nuff 2 be on a commercial mag like XXL, but I agree with u., And the dopest in 10?? ROC MARCIO 4 real!!!

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    40 years, hip hop is still a Young music genre
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  • HipHopFan

    Wtf is nas

  • sykes

    No em but you go wayne…. Fuck outta here

  • ooo

    they might be keeping better ideas for later anniversaries

  • Emerson Memé Almeida

    I’ll put my 10 suggestions :

    1º 2 Pac
    2º Nas
    3º Rakim
    4º KRS One
    5º Notorious B.I.G.
    6º Ice Cube
    7º Scarface
    8º Big Daddy Kane
    9º Mos Def
    10º Kool G Rap

    Now you put the lil’wayne on the cover! Hell are you joking with us. That’s a lack of respect for the history of RAP MUSIC. Surely this is just to increase sales figures, will end up being a tremendous “shot in the foot.”

    # PEACE

    • Pete ConCrete

      u so right, but this i sad to say a very commerical mag. so no one knows who Rakim or Kool G is, dey like lil wayne 4 fuck sake!!! not 2 b a hater, but lil wayne??? coooome ooooon

  • Tic706

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  • TURBO777

    Yessss no Kanye. Just for his reaction, that’s all

  • Zap Man

    The white folks in power have seen to it that this music is never good again–It was too influential on kids from every walk of life–Including white kids.

  • Exodus Head
  • YoungN’

    LETS GET XXLMAG TO NOTICE THIS !!! VIDEO SHOT IN HARLEM USA !!! RIP BIG L !!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atNMyKy4VhE

  • sherman

    what about the ladies. queen. lyte. roxanne..run~dmc. the list could go on