Ever wondered what would happen if the King of the South was forced to troop to the North Pole to save Santa Claus and Christmas? VH1 has you covered with their “T.I. & Tiny: Holiday Hustle Special” – an animated episode that features the Troubleman and his family playing the hero role for our upcoming holiday spirit.

The humorous cartoon features a hip-hop twist, and the screenplay showcases funny and clever puns on street slang and hip-hop vernacular, common stereotypes and urban culture. The offering carries on T.I. & Tiny’s trademarked, disciplined and structured dynamic from their family's reality show in an attempt to save Christmas.

Enjoy an embedded stream of VH1’s “T.I. & Tiny: Holiday Hustle Special” above, and be prepared for random anecdotes, impromptu appearances from familiar seasonal characters and much more. As if the weather’s most recent cold-streak wasn’t enough of a reminder, we’re sure this episode will get you and your family in the mood.

Watch it here.—Christian Bonoan