Hip-hop is a competitive sport. Just ask Kendrick Lamar, Papoose or even Meek Mill.  The point is every MC wants to be lyrically better than the one standing right next to them. For as long as hip-hop has been around (40 years to be exact!), MCs have thrived on feuding on and off instrumentals. There are rappers who have gained respect for beefing and defeating their opponents, while others have become irrelevant after a few choice lines. You’re nobody ‘till somebody kills you with a few hot verses.

2013 has had its moments when your friends would scream: “Beef is back!” That’s because this year we saw titans clash which sparked even more lyrical assaults that were entertaining to watch unfold. Other disses were plain bad and unnecessary. Whatever the case, we've got you covered. From Meek Mill vs. Gillie Da Kid to Trinidad Jame$ vs. New York, here is The Complete Guide To Diss Songs In 2013.