Earlier today, Ebro shot back over the airwaves during the Hot 97 Morning Show, and put Riff Raff’s dirty laundry out on front street:

 “What I’ve reserved comment on with regard to this artist, Riff Raff, who wants to act like I’m doing him a disservice is, I know all of his business. Somebody from Los Angeles Magazine did an entire exposé on what this dude is really about. Literally went to his hometown, found out that he’s from a middle upper-class family, he’s not from the hood, he never sold dope, who was a basketball player in high school and this is all an act. I’ve reserved all of that. I haven’t even been on that tirade. Yesterday, I had studio producers whom he owes money to their recording facilities, but he can’t afford to pay it. Rappers, who he stalks, who are just nice to him because they think he’s an f-ing dork, they actually think there is something wrong with him. And he shows up at their concerts and begs for them to give them attention. I’ve left all of that alone. Just so I wouldn’t crush the whole man’s –– you know what I’m saying? He’s out here trying to live his lil’ life. I’ll play along.” 

Listen to the audio of Ebro below.—Marjua Estevez