Rappers Forgetting Lyrics On Stage [VIDEO]

If last night’s Kanye concert taught us anything, it’s what can happen during a live performance when the artist and an audience member exchange too many words. But what happens when the words don’t come at all? From pulling up a cell phone for lyrics, to flat out admitting “I forgot”, rappers have different ways of dealing when the words won’t come, and we put together a montage of some of our favorites.

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  • Dabigdikdangler .

    If I can remember the words to umpteen songs I didn’t write, you should be able to remember the words to the ones you did, especially when you’re getting paid for it.

  • MalMoe

    Rappers are human

  • andre

    cudi pisses me off. ive seen him live twice and each time it seemed like he wasnt even singing. he was either lip syncing or just letting the music play in the back and running around. thats why i got respect for dudes like MGK and Flatbush Zombies because they go hard on stage and never miss a word