Rap Songs That Reference ‘Scarface’

Chief Keef – “Me”

In Chief Keef’s self-defining manifesto “Me,” he says, “Like Tony Montana who I trust? Me! But it’s still more Sosa and less Tony.” While he borrows a quote from the film on trust, he’s still telling you he’s Sosa all day, no compromise.

DJ Khaled featuring Ace Hood, Chris Brown, Wale & Wiz Khalifa – “I’m Still”

Wale’s line on “I’m Still,” “Like Tony Montana, except, no Manolo” is pretty sad. Considering “Manolo” Ribera in Scarface is Tony’s best friend, Wale is saying he has no best friend. He must’ve adopted Drake’s “no new friends” credo early.

Soulja Boy – “Scarface”

Well, the name pretty much sums it up right? Lots of gems on Soulja Boy Tell Em’s heartfelt ode to T-Mo. “Big ass house like Scarface. Whole lotta guns like Scarface Got a white bitch like Scarface.” Pure poetry, guys. Pure. Poetry.

Rich Homie Quan featuring Young Thug – “Get TF Out My Face”

Okay something isn’t right. On Rich Homie Quan’s track, Young Thug says, “I’m the real Tony Montana. I got fifty naked bitches on a banana boat.” Seriously though, if anyone will have “fifty naked bitches” at this point, it would be Rich Homie Quan, right?

Yelawolf featuring Killer Mike & Raekwon – “Rhyme Room”

Killer Mike tends to shine whenever he hops on a track, but he took that to the next level once he entered the “Rhyme Room.” “I’m so Tony Montana,” he says. “Known for the coke, M16, all black hammer.” Don’t fuck with Killer Mike, clearly.

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