What would it take to make a Clipse reunion happen? BBC radio personality Zane Lowe—you probably remember him from his recent interviews with Kanye West and Eminem—recently sat down with Pusha T for a brief but wide-ranging chat that touched on My Name Is My Name, his interest in English music and, of course, the future of Clipse.

After discussing Kanye's role in the creation of MNIMN, Pusha explained that the future of Clipse is really in the hands of his brother and former musical partner, No Malice. "I would really love to," Pusha says in the clip when asked about a possible reunion. "My brother is really on his mission right now."

During the discussion, Pusha explains that the when the 10th anniversary of Lord Willin' passed in 2012, the duo had 30 dates lined up to celebrate the record but Malice backed out. He also says that he offered his brother a chance to join him on stage at Coachella but the two couldn't decide on what songs to perform. According to Pusha, both Pharrell and Kanye have expressed interest in working on another Clipse album, but Malice isn't currently interested in the project.

Since leaving Clipse, Malice changed his name to No Malice and released his own solo album earlier this year, Hear Ye Him. Check out the full audio interview of Pusha T with Zane Lowe below.