On this week’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop (New York), Peter Gunz’s friendship with Rich Dollaz seems to have come to an end, not to mention he gets caught out there in the worst way as Yandy blows his spot up. Meanwhile Erica Mena’s relationship with girlfriend Cyn Santana evolves to new heights after a romantic getaway to Panama. Check out XXL’s highlights of this week’s yet again explosive episode.

Saigon Mans Up - After getting into a very heated argument about how to raise his son with baby mama Erica Jean, as well as calling her out her name, Saigon decides to invite her over to the studio to apologize. Giving her a very heartfelt apology and taking all the blame for the nasty fight, Saigon vows to respect the mother of his child and not make the same mistakes he saw his father make. Erica accepts his apology before the pair seal the deal with a hug. Later on the two attend a specialist to see what they can do to improve their son’s speech development.

Erica & Cyn Grow Closer - It looks like Erica Mena isn’t faking her lesbian relationship after all. Mena and her girlfriend Cyn Santana enjoy a cultural trip to Panama, where their bond grows stronger. When they return to the states, Erica gets very emotional while indulging in a bubble bath with Cyn, who seems to be letting down her guard and embracing the idea of being with a woman for the first time.

K. Michelle Breaks Down - It seems like K. Michelle is having a tough time handling her new level of fame. The singer meets with her management to iron out some issues she’s having with her team. Later on she meets with her friends, where she expresses her frustration with all the false stories being published about her in the blogs. Michelle resorts to tears. “I don’t understand why they keep messin’ with me. These blogs are absolutely pathetic to me. The things they make up is really hurtful,” she says.

Peter and Rich Call It Quits - Peter Gunz is still pretty heated from his dramatic altercation with Erica Mena, who threw a plate at his face. He decides to meet up with Rich Dollaz, who originally encouraged Peter to bury the hatchet and manage Erica—unfortunately she wasn’t having it. Peter tells Rich that he’s bad news and gives him an ultimatum: loyalty or ratchetness. Unfortunately, Rich decides to keep Erica around, causing Peter to get up and leave. “It seems like you made your choice,” he says. “A brother would never speak to a bitch who spoke to me,” he tells Rich. “That girl will never change but I guess once he’s done staring at those fake tits he’ll realize that.”

Is Mendeecees Coming Home? - After breaking down during a conversation with Rich about Mendeecees being in jail, Yandy gets a promising phone call. Mendeecees reveals that his bail hearing is coming and that his lawyer says he has a good chance of coming home. He immediately tells Yandy to get a babysitter ready and come in her birthday suit.

Peter Gunz Is Caught Red Handed - After being chastised by Amina for forgetting to wear his wedding band, Peter wears his newly embraced ring out when the two go out to an event where Yandy and K. Michelle happen to pop up. Yandy and Michelle tag team on Peter and put him on blast. “When’s the last time you slept with Tara?” Michelle asks. “You think he gonna sit here with his wife and tell you he slept with Tara three weeks ago?” Yandy chimed in. As expected, Amina breaks down and begins asking questions. When Tara hears word that Peter is flaunting a wedding ring from Yandy, she tracks him down on the basketball court and lets him have it. Apparently she was under the impression that Peter was going to divorce Amina and come back to her. Unfortunately, like always, Peter was playing the fence. Tara says she’s done with Peter’s games and that she’ll be changing the locks to her apartment.—Gerren Keith Gaynor (@MRGERRENALIST)