Kanye West Denies Calling Himself The Next Nelson Mandela


On December 6, The Daily Currant ran a fake interview with Kanye West stating he thinks he is “the next Nelson Mandela.” The Currant identifies itself as “The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record,” so there were enough outrageous quotes to show it wasn’t a real article. Still, many people were sensitive about the joke, taking to Twitter and expressing their anger about his claim.

In typical ‘Ye fashion, he went on Twitter to show his respect for Mandela and to put down the media for publishing fake stories. Read what he had to say below.

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  • mistah dubs

    the daily currant only posts satirical articles damn thing was a joke but Rest in Peace to Mandela and Kanye needs to put things in perspective like he did with that recent interview with Pete Rosenburg and Cipha Sounds man that was nice to hear instead of him ranting all the damn time He actually humbled himself and talked about the drums as well as Pete Rock, Premo and Dilla it was a gem of an interview with no douchebaggery

  • Chris Sheppard

    I’m glad Kanye is addressing the issues… Kanye has always been my favorite rapper….All Falls Down ..Literally change the way I think…. for the better