Flatbush Zombies may have just finished up their Better Off Dead Tour in support of their latest mixtape of the same name, but they're not going to be taking much time off to rest. The Brooklyn-based trio is getting right to work on a number of new projects, both musical and visual.

"We're gonna be working on the next project, Erick's project is on the way," said Meech backstage before the group's tour-ending show at Irving Plaza Tuesday night. "Me and Juice got a duo project on the way, maybe. It might be on the way. Erick got a book coming out, a photo book, he's been taking pictures of both tours, Beast Coast and this tour. He's a great photographer, and I'm not just saying that. So that's pretty much what we've got. More merch, this next project with me and Juice, Erick's project and the photo book."

The upcoming Zombies project will be their third, following Better Off Dead and last year's debut, D.R.U.G.S., and Meech promised that every release would be different from the last.

"I wanted to capture a specific overall tone for [Better Off Dead], and I think we did our best to do that, with the beats or just sonically with our voices, the subject matter," he said. "I don't want to say we wanted to be taken more seriously, but I wanted our project to be looked at more serious than D.R.U.G.S., because D.R.U.G.S... sometimes I don't want to perform 'Laker Paper' or shit like that, 'cause that's not how I'm feelin', but 'Amerikkkan Pie,' I think I'll always want to perform that. It's more about that and showing niggas that Erick is a good producer, and it's not about synths only. People were labeling him as a synthesizer producer. And then the next project isn't going to sound like this one; no project of ours will ever sound like the last one. Ever."

Additional reporting by Emmanuel C.M.