Clams Casino’s Best Beats To Date

“All I Need” – Soulja Boy

You might be wondering why Clams Casino would ever lend a beat to a guy like Soulja Boy when their styles are so…different? You’re right for wondering, but think of it this way – when you hear Soulja Boy rhyme over a beat like “All I Need,” you realize a good producer can work miracles.

“Swervin (Remix)” – XV

When Clams Casino opted to remix XV’s “Swervin,” he went with a totally timid beat. That’s not to say the beat is weak; it’s just so mellow and perfect for XV to deliver his bars that it’s easy to slip into a trance when you hear it.

“Palace” – A$AP Rocky

A$AP asks “How trill is this?” and he’s right. While Clams still added his typically weird spin on the beat, it still harbored some obvious influence from Houston. That’s exactly what A$AP Rocky wanted too. Listen to the lyrics. Duh.

“I’m Official” – Squadda B

One half of Main Attrakionz got himself a one-way ticket to euphoria when Clammy Clams gave him the beat to “I’m Official.” Sturdy drums, breathy vocals, and a few shakes of what sounds like maracas were all it took to make this beat “official.”

“Realist Alive” – Lil B

Lil B on an Adele sample? Surely you jest. But that’s what happens when Clams Casino gets a hold of your production. The result is a track that has you contemplating life while Based God drops some jewels in your lap. Pause.

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  • Khody Teslà Nikolà Morgan

    Why isn’t Motivation number one on this list?

  • basedgod

    “Lil B got lucky”, that is the biggest lie I have ever heard. CLAMS CASINO WOULD BE IRRELEVANT WITHOUT LIL B!!!!!!!!

  • facetat

    why hate on soulja or lil b, clams fucks with them based sounds better than something lyrical

  • tommy

    wait… u dont have Motivation OR Unchain Me on this list?…. i guess there are just too many of his beats that are incredible

  • Richard Lickz

    “Unchain Me” IS A GODDAMN MUST on this list, as well as “Cold War”. the predecessor of “I’m God”, “I’m The Devil” also should be on this list. fuck, you could have put most every production Clams has done in this list.

  • Real …

    No Real Shit From a Real Nigga or Bass???
    Also the Florence remix over his Lana Del Ray remix…ok
    and i don’t blame you for not putting it on the list but the instrumental for 23 dollars by Sha Stimuli is crack, sha just kinda ruined it

  • Thomas Angell

    what bout “asap rocky – Bass”???

  • samsamu786

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  • disqus_FcgarItKu3

    word. clams is the fucking man. his beats are a work of art. if you haven’t heard his instrumental mix tapes: DO IT. its a fucking experience

  • ddj

    bad list

  • mothbro

    what kind of list is this?