Chief Keef Says New Mixtape Will Raise The Murder Rate


Chief Keef is at it again, this time threatening that his new mixtape will wreak havoc throughout the streets. With Keef’s Bang 3 project arriving soon, of all things the rapper says his forthcoming mixtape with “Raise the murder rate up” and he assures that this is no lie.

“Bang 2 And Almighty So On ITunes Right Now But Bang 3 No Lie Y’all Really Don’t know How crazy Im goin #ImFinnaRaiseTheMurderRateUp,” said Chief Keef on Instgram. “If I’m Lien I Can Get Killed right Now this Sh*t Is So f*ckin hardcore #ThatOldSosa #bang3 N*ggas Better Be Scared.”

Last year, there were 506 murder victims in Keef’s hometown of Chicago and in 2013 there are currently 373 murders recorded, making the windy city’s homicide rate higher than Kabul, Afghanistan.

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  • Hope

    I’m really sorry, and maybe I don’t understand… but why would this even be covered? What journalist would even give this sort of story support by promotion? Why would we want a murder rate to rise? Music is supposed to bring people together and change lives, not encourage people to end someone else’s.

    • Chris M. McDade

      I found this article to be quite amusing. As for your statement about how music is supposed to bring people back together; We all have our own views on music. The journalist covered this because Chief Keef is a big artist, and he said that his new mixtape is going to raise the murder rate. Thats huge.

    • Jap21

      As much as i agree, music is not only for the sole purpose of bringing people together. Music is like art, it does whatever it wants to, there are no limitations, which is why its great. Even if it is a negative manner. The Catcher in the Rye inspired numerous murders and serial acts, but i guess books are for the sole purpose of gaining intellect right? Wrong, it is what the artist (author or maker) wants it to be, not what you box you as a person decide to place it in.

  • C

    Yeah, someone will kill him.

    • Tyam

      doubt it! He’s with the most powerful group & that is the illuminati, research it. The illuminati dropped all his charges plus for the murder of lil jojo & now he walks as a free man. He’s a illuminati puppet.

      • Jap21

        Yeah dude, and the illuminati saved Zimmerman too right? good lord you are dum.b

  • Matteo Palmer

    Some one need to put this autism ass nigga down. For he bring our whole race down and some more.

    • JC

      Ya autistic niggas got u own race now? LMAO

      • Matteo Palmer

        lmfao that did sound suspect reading it again.

  • Josh

    someone need to put this nigga down with a tranquilizer gun. Somebody need to stop this nigga in his tracks.

  • Justin McBride

    This fake wannabe gangster will end up dead or in jail in no time.

    • mackmane

      dude i hate this guy too but he ain’t a wannabe, google lil jojo

    • Tyam

      Fake gangster? you haven’t heard he killed lil jojo after lil jojo released a diss song about chief keef

      • Justin McBride

        Any kid with a glock and a getaway driver can kill someone. The fact that Lil Jojo was killed over a freaking diss track of all things is stupidity, not gangster.

        • Tyam

          Ok, but now they are discovering that he’s may have done many other killings as well.

          A gangster is a criminal who is a member of a gang. Some gangs are considered to be part of organized crime. Gangsters are also called mobsters, a term derived from mob and the suffix -ster.[1] Gangs provide a level of organization and resources that support much larger and more complex criminal transactions than an individual criminal could achieve. Gangsters have been active for many years in countries around the world. Some gangsters, perhaps most notably Al Capone, have become infamous. Gangsters are the subject of many movies, particularly from the period between 1930 and 1960. Nowadays, unorganized crime from non-Italian origins (such as Crips and Bloods) have taken to using the word “gangster” to refer to their fellow criminals, though often spelled as “gangsta” in reference to non-rhotic Black American pronunciation <<– Explanation of what chief keef is, research him & what power he has a gangster before speaking because you obviously don't know anything about him. As much as you don't want to say it but he is a gangster, a thug, a criminal

          • videoactivist

            As much as it needs to be said, he is more than a gangster, thug & criminal. that’s the sad part about it is that he’s much worse than that.
            He’s not a sambo, because lil black sambo was some stereotypical comical cartoon character for rednecks and little white children to laugh at.
            He’s not an uncle Tom, because the shit he’s talking about would make uncle Tom look & sound like a revolutionary.

            He’s someone who wants to be like gangsters like Al Capone and Dutch Schultz, who hated and terrorized his people as much as he is willing to hate and terrorize his people.

            He’s someone who would’ve ducked into a police car in some alley after framing Mumia Abu Jamal with the murder of officer William Faulkner.

            He’s someone who would’ve snitched on Assata if he could have.
            He would’ve been trained by the School of the Americas in Fort Benning Georgia to hack up his people with a machete in Haiti, Rwanda and the Congo as part of some military junta.

            He’s someone who would’ve been considered a CIA asset as he played a role in the crack cocaine epidemic in this country.

            He is the poster boy for the prison industrial complex that will turn prisons into concentration camps.

            With all of his ego masterbation and dilutions of some christ like figure he doesn’t have the heart of that unarmed old woman who stood on a mile long line in front of white Neo Nazi thugs shooting into that line, to terrorize them from voting for Nelson Mandela.

            The sad part of it is that he is a glorified failure who hates himself, because as Malcolm said, you can’t hate your people without hating yourself.

          • KeefIzOG

            You dumbasses really have no clue what a gangster is do you? You think if you like someone he’s a real g and if you don’t he’s a wannabe. Chief Keef is definitely a gangster, whether you like him or not.

            Gangster is someone who involves himself in gang activities, which chief keef clearly does.

            Real definition of gangster is whether someone is involved in a gang or not. A gang is defined by three or more people and chief keef definitely associates with more than 3 people making him a gangster.

            I’m sorry but your definition of gangster is whether you like the person or not which isn’t true.

          • Jap21

            Sorry i didnt know you were the prime authority on classifying a gangster vs a fake.

  • L1vew1re

    music is suppose to bring the people together,not create violence & end peoples lives smh

    • TruthSerum813

      Music is an audible sound that people listen to. It is only suppose to do what the artist designs it to do. I never saw a rule book that reads “All Music must from here forth be used for the sole purpose of bringing people together”

      I dont like this kid either but he’s entitled to what he wants. Freedom of Speech only has 2 options. Either your for it or against it. I, personally, am for it

      • videoactivist
      • Jap21

        I commented literally the exact thing above then saw this and im glad someone else agrees. People are too quick to judge and place things in boxes. Its the artists medium to play with and send whatever message he wants, not for some person to generalize and put it in a box as “only able to bring people together”

  • Matt

    Raising the murder rate is not something to brag about. I won’t listen to this tape because he’s clearly desperate for attention making those idiotic comments. He’s as bad as an attention starved gold digger in my book.

  • suigetsuthirsty

    bang bang bitch i just caught me 3

  • suigetsuthirsty

    im finna raise the rate in my hood bouta drop that murder rate mixtape

  • Jeremy Lowcock

    his music has changed the face of the entertainment business. He has balls of steel and could NOT CARE LESS what a bunch of sheep think. The fact that you take the time to come here and slam him shows you are a no life bitch. He cant be controlled and he does what he wants and it seems that assholes do not like that. Its just music people..get over yourselves

  • North Campbell

    Honestly, this is beyond crazy and absurd. Whether for entertainment purposes or whatever why would ANYONE support violence towards another human being? These words that are being spoken effect everyone beyond measure, not just you and your friends, so for anyone to be in support of any negative behavior is baffling.
    Is your mind so small that you find arguing about what kind of gangster he is even necessary?? How bizarre of you humans. The fact that he is reckless and condoning that very same behavior is the argument. The fact that you think supporting this has no effect on you and our environment as a whole because its dance-worthy or whatever, is again, bizarre.
    Raising the murder rate?? Suppose a preacher went from talking about love and unity one day to talking about raising the murder rate in your city? I wonder what you would think of that sermon.. Would you think he was crazy or would you be so brainwashed into believing that “Hey, thats a good idea.” With your grandma and younger siblings all sitting next to you and shit, right?
    Its scary that no one sees that negativity is actually NEGATIVE and you follow whatever is thrown at you. Almost like you don’t even care to be alive.
    very scary. I love you anyway.

  • No Shit

    It’s supposed to spur discussion of Chicago’s obscenely high murder rate.