Will Rap Genius Be Shut Down?


Hip-hop lyric sites across the Internet could be at risk of being shut down.

The National Music Publishers Association has sent out take-down notices to 50 lyric sites, including popular site Rap Genius. The notices claim that the sites do not have the publishing rights to post lyrics. If the sites do not take heed of the notices, the NMPA will file copyright infringement lawsuits against them, according to NMPA representatives. If it comes to that, the NMPA may have a good chance of winning; last year, a group of music publishing companies and record labels won a $6.6 million judgement against LiveUniverse, a company that owned multiple unlicensed lyric sites.

Lyric sites in recent years have played a large role in hip-hop culture. Fans use them to find out what their favorite rappers are saying, which is not always easy to do based on audio alone. Rap Genius took the concept one step further by adding definitions of lyrics and songs. It’s unclear how much money it would take for companies like Rap Genius to gain publishing rights for all the lyrics it posts.

[Via Billboard]

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  • Kenshinxxx

    I hope the Anonymus will strike down on the National Music Publishers Association. Fuck them.

  • Kev

    Fuckin unbelievable.. The powers that be trying to put a stop to the free flow of information again.

  • wat

    So it’s a crime to write down the words people say in their songs? Get the fuck outta here. Wasting all that time and effort for nothing. Fuck the National Music Publishers Association.

  • Slim Joe

    absolutely fucking ridiculous, i use rap genius a lot (especially for eminem songs with lots of punchlines) i would be mad as fuck if it got shut down

  • me

    rap genius is just a bunch of children playing like they know hip hop…

  • Real

    It stupid from what im hearing from a reliable source is NMPA dont like lyrics up because theyre relating it to reading a script of a movie without watching it . its stupid.

    • Kev

      Wow.. fuckin snakes will come up with all kinds of b.s. just to get their way.