Turk Calls Out Lil Wayne, Birdman And Mannie Fresh For Not Supporting Him

Things are not perfect in the Cash Money family. Earlier today, Turk, one of the founding members of the Hot Boyz, released a video and an Instagram post calling out Juvenile, Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh, along with Cash Money founders Birdman and Ronald “Slim” Williams, for failing to support him in a time of need. The video he posted finds the rapper making a simple confessional to the camera, explaining that he reached out to the men on multiple occasions after his father passed away and heard nothing back. “This is the last straw,” he says in the video.

In the video and in an Instrgram post, Turk claims that he hasn’t received any financial support from his friends to pay for his father’s funeral and that he found himself in similar circumstances back in 2010 when his younger brother was killed. “Me and my family are gonna get through this together,” he says in the clip. “I appreciate everybody that is there for me. And whoever not, who say they gonna be, it is what it is. Time reveals every man.”

Turk served over eight years in prison after being found guilty of shooting members of the Memphis, Tennessee S.W.A.T. team during a 2004 raid, but he was released in 2012. At the time of his release he was on relatively good terms with his former Cash Money associates. “I’ve talked to Baby on several occasions while I was incarcerated,” he told XXL in an interview following his release. “I’ve talked to Lil Wayne. Wayne sent me money.”

According to this new video, the two are not as close as they used to be. This incident comes mere months after the Hot Boyz reunited for 2 Chainz’s video for “Used 2″ back in September. Watch Turk’s video above and check out his Instagram post below.

[via All Hip-Hop]

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  • Clondyke Classic

    he didn’t call out Juve stop spread’n rumors XXL

  • T Eezy

    So he’s mad cuz he didn’t get a handout. Friends do cuz they wanna do. Ain’t no mufucken obligation. Man the fuck up.

  • maboko likoloe

    Nas and damian marley defined a friend in the album Distant relatives. They didn’t even need to give the nigga money at least give him condolence and moral support. He helped this niggas make millions, he ain’t calling out strangers. Where is the love homies….

  • icon Kain

    that is messed up. But to tell the truth Turk, b.g, and juv, is the only real street bodies in the whole cash money young money. past present and the way it look the further too.

  • hiphopdisciple555

    turk had a pretty shitty situation – he was incarcerated along with another founding member pretty much the entire time that cash money and young money were experiencing their biggest success, being locked up in jail while knowing everybody else is living the high life of all that success, platinum money and wealth is bound to make any man bitter and pissed off, I can’t even imagine the shitty feeling that comes from years of that reality, its like he and that one other dude missed the entire boat, whether wayne or baby sent him money in jail or not it doesn’t really make up for all that he missed out on. Im not gonna bother taking sides but putting things in perspective really drops the jaws sometimes

  • Sauvea DA Csp