The Most Unforgettable Scenes From ‘Belly’


Today marks the 15th anniversary of the hood classic Belly. The film was directed by celebrated video director Hype Williams and features a cast of hip-hop-related superstars including DMX, Nas, Method Man, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and singer/actor Taral Hicks.  In the 15 years since Belly’s release, the film has enjoyed a reputation as a cult classic amongst hip-hop fans and is celebrated for rapper DMX’s magnetic lead performance as a crazed street criminal and Hype Williams’ bugged-out visual style that was innovative as hell for 1998.

It is no secret that Belly is not exactly a great film, though. For all its visual flair, the film is rightfully criticized as having a hard-to-follow plot and often amateur-ish performances from many of the film’s leads. Despite what the film might lack in story and performance, it makes up in the ability to capture a truly memorable scene that  makes Belly easily one of the most entertaining “hood films” of all-time.

XXL is examining 8 of the film’s most iconic scenes today in celebration of the film’s 15 anniversary.

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  • Infinite8

    What! Belly is a great film! IMO, the only thing that would of made the film better is if T-Boz new how to act instead of just reading her lines. Oh its my turn? yeh T-Boz with emotion! Nope no emotion. Oh well. Still a great film.

    • B.J. Steiner (XXL)

      Traditionally great film?

    • im_just_sayin

      really??? I thought t boz was better than everyone else. she sound more natural/realistic in her delivery more so than everyone else… but honestly, if your bf come to you talking about seriously moving to Africa, you know the first comin to mind is how far that is lol… imo i thought that line was funny!

  • Darrell Cabey

    Great movie.