Today marks the 15th anniversary of the hood classic Belly. The film was directed by celebrated video director Hype Williams and features a cast of hip-hop-related superstars including DMX, Nas, Method Man, Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and singer/actor Taral Hicks.  In the 15 years since Belly's release, the film has enjoyed a reputation as a cult classic amongst hip-hop fans and is celebrated for rapper DMX's magnetic lead performance as a crazed street criminal and Hype Williams' bugged-out visual style that was innovative as hell for 1998.

It is no secret that Belly is not exactly a great film, though. For all its visual flair, the film is rightfully criticized as having a hard-to-follow plot and often amateur-ish performances from many of the film's leads. Despite what the film might lack in story and performance, it makes up in the ability to capture a truly memorable scene that  makes Belly easily one of the most entertaining "hood films" of all-time.

XXL is examining 8 of the film's most iconic scenes today in celebration of the film's 15 anniversary.