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50 Cent once said he wants to shake President George Bush's hand and "tell him how much of me I see in him." Whatever caused the Queens MC to make those claims boggled a lot of people, but around the 2008 elections, 50 rebutted his previous statements as he told New York Magazine, "George Bush has a talent: he has less compassion than the average human. By all means, I don't aspire to be like George Bush." Tell that to Young Buck.




"I ain't trying to hate but why you made that song 'Condom Style?'/Too many people got infected you gotta protect it/And I could not neglect it somebody gotta address it"

It's a positive message/But I don't think it was hot/Whether you think it's hot or not you gotta respect it/You mad that I'm not talking reckless?/I dropped a record and got an endorsement deal so I'm not affected"

Song: "The Diary Of A Hustla"

Why It Hurts: Meek took to Instagram when Cass dropped “Condom Style,” labeling it "the worst song in the history of rapping." On “Me, Myself and iPhone,” Cass responds to Meek’s insult by defending his pro-sex anthem. He even turns a negative situation into a positive one by confirming his endorsement deal with Trojan. Apparently, that freestyle got him a reported seven-figure cash out.


The song highlights a teenage clique’s irrationally reckless hangout. Aside from cruising through Compton with the homies, the chill session ends with Kendrick’s crew robbing a house they’ve been eyeing for “two months.” In the midst of this madness, K-Dot is submerged in his own doubts and fear of facing bitter consequences.

Most Menacing Line: “I never was a gangbanger, I mean I was never stranger to the folk neither, I really doubt it/Rush a nigga quick and then we laugh about it, that’s ironic ‘cause I’ve never been violent, until I’m with the homies.”


“I get all you niggas killed fuck that. I dear [sic] you niggas touch him. Soulja say what ever you wantNiggas aint gone do shit”— @50Cent (2010)


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3. “Dear Summer,” Memphis Bleek’s 534 (2005)


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