Kanye West Flips Out On Sway During Radio Interview

Kanye West has been doing a number of radio interviews recently in promotion of the Yeezus Tour, but none have been as heated and wild as this one.

Kanye took to Shade 45 earlier this afternoon to talk with Sway about the tour and the fashion industry, among other things. When Kanye began talking about how he’s been shunned from the industry—a common theme of his recent rants—Sway then posed the question, “Why don’t you empower yourself…and do it yourself? ” The question set Kanye off. He began yelling at Sway and telling him that he hasn’t been doing his research and doesn’t know anything about the topic. Eventually, Sway told Kanye to calm down and that “ain’t gotta turn up” and that their conversation wasn’t a “fucking show.”

After a couple minutes of yelling on both sides, both guys calmed down. Kanye eventually apologized and said he didn’t mean disrespect. It’s hard to tell what exactly about Sway’s question irked Kanye so bad, but ‘Ye did seem to hint that he’s lost a lot of money—a $13 million figure was thrown out—on trying to start his own fashion line. If that’s the case, his anger may be justifiable.

UPDATE: Listen below for the full audio of the interview (Via D. Dot)

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  • Dwahn Denson

    His ass will be broke in another couple of years !

  • Chris

    If I lost 13 million, I would be frustrated too

    • Kufunya Ife

      YEP!!!!! Me Also

  • philly

    YE is off his Rocker!!!!

  • Zuri A.

    Kanye still got that Chicago still in him

    • blacklodgefamilytree

      chicago aint got sh*t to do with it hes just a angry n*gga

      • Oedakang Cox


        • blacklodgefamilytree

          i never said it wouldnt.stick to the subject faggot

          • kuken

            lol u mad lil girl

          • Oedakang Cox

            lol wow im hurt now you called me a faggot i think ill kill my self lol pimp c said it best punks talk a lot of sh*t in a safe place so have a nice day

        • Kufunya Ife

          YEP it would set me off 4 sure ~ thinking the 13 mill is enough and it should be ~ however the Game is rigged ~ and this is Why we must Produce our OWN Tings~ Clothes , shoes and so on~ We R the one that make these Retail Store Bigs RICH~ Time to Switch up the GAME~

  • Ra Ra

    This interview further confirms… Kanye done lost his mf mind.

  • Seriouslyfolks

    Ye is simply revealing how these major corporations use Urban/Hip-Hop Artists like slaves and peons who are only able to shill for their products that they approve in order to make them wealthy (I see you Russell and Shawn Carter). He is also uncovering the fact that these guys are unable, not unwilling to secure concrete ownership, manufacturing, distribution, true creative control, etc to gain proper support if they even attempt to establish their own independent foundation. He’s speaking on institutionalized racism, classicism, and how basically entertainers amount to high-paid slaves who are first glorified, then duped and used at will, only to end up tossed aside by companies soon as they try to develop real economic empowerment or become “irrelevant”. He lost $13 MILLION. NIKE played him, Louis Vuitton played him. Polo played him. He’s expressing his frustration, he’s not allowed to? We should all actually listen because it is OUR DOLLARS that prop these corporations up based upon the illusion that we are supporting certain endeavors of these public figures. These corporations that truly reap the rewards do not have our best interests in mind at the end of the day. A lot of times we shoot the messenger, when we should take the message out of their hands and read it first.

    • realblue10

      nigga, ain’t nobody reading all that.

      • Honesty

        That’s part of the problem.

        • realblue10

          the PROBLEM is the rambling, nonsensical kanye and his unconscious followers believing he’s relevant outside of being a rapper.

          • fireinside

            The problem is him trying to be relevant other than slaving to the music industry and people trying to keep ninjas in the box.

      • peoplearedumb

        i read it, you can’t read a couple fucking paragraphs? knock yourself off, bruh.

      • yo

        Beat you ain’t read any book in your life either

        • realblue10

          i see my comment irked u. that’s whats up!

      • OKsista

        Hilarious!! Thank you!

      • @414redd


      • Kufunya Ife

        I did!!!!!! Because it is Relevant~ That is the Issue~ Negus~ Now go look that up!!!

        • realblue10

          i see my comment irked u. that’s whats up!!

    • tokkiss

      you on point.
      but why kanya gott yell at sway about it?

      • Seriouslyfolks

        They homies and they had a moment that should have been private in
        public. Since everything that Ye does is news now because he’s in the
        scope, it can’t be a bad thing for Sway as far as press and public
        interest goes either. I mean we’re talking about it right now. lol.

    • ShaeZ33

      EXACTLY!!!! Well said Seriouslyfolks! Mf’s dont understand because they aint LISTENING! ~ShaeZ33

    • qwerty

      you copied this text from the complex comment section nigga

      • Seriouslyfolks

        That IS ME from the Complex Comment Section Moron.

        • yo


        • Kufunya Ife

          I love what you wrote and reposted on my Wall on FB!!!

    • MM

      If only Kanye could say what you just said instead of acting like hes on a coke bender

    • Queen Edwards

      I definitely agree with what your saying. From my view, Kanye TRIED to flip his money that he makes from the music industry, just like Jay-Z, P. Diddy, and Russell Simmons. HONESTLY…I would NOT buy any clothing/fashion items from Kanye due to his CHARACTER, WHICH DOES REPRESENT HIS CLOTHING LINE. If Kanye was a level headed person in public, instead of going off having UGLY RANTS, it’d be a different view of Kanye. As many would agree, Kanye used to be likeable and cool. Being from the Chi…I used to be so proud of Kanye, hopefully he can get it together. However…it’s VERY TRUE about the young HIP-HOP artists that get in the “music game” NOT REALIZING that they are pawns to be played with! All they pay attention to is THE $$$$$$$ to buy materialistic items that makes the car, jewelry and clothing companies RICHER. MATERIALISTIC SLAVES! Kanye realized this too late.

    • SkinnyKimmy

      WHAT GAME???

      Why doesn’t Kanye wear and support small black owned clothing labels? why does he wear LV, YSL, and other very expensive house based labels? why doesn’t he use some of his own $$$ to start his own fantastic and awesome clothing label? He got plenty of it.

      Why does he thinks if he did an internship at a high end clothing line he knows everything about being a designer? Thousands of kids intern at labels every few month (because thats how long they usually last), how many of them make it as high end designers?

      Others say oh Beckham has a line, she is white, The Olsen Twins got a line, they white.

      Well, Beckham started with one dress design, perfected it and launched a whole clothing line from it, and now working on expending. Olsen Twins started selling shit at KMart.

      Kanye wants everything now and fast! Thats his problem. He also clearly doesn’t understand the concept of guest designer or collaboration. Name me another person (white or black or whatever) who collaborated with a corporation or a major label and became a permanent art director or designer there? (billionaire boys club and ice cream are excluded from this list, its from BAPE which is japanese, thats a whole another world)
      Most celeb clothing lines are just a kitsch, barely lasting more that few years. Concept Kanye also seems not to understand. Look at the big hiphop clothing lines that emerged in the 90′s, where are they now?

      He talks about not caring for fashion but desperately seeks to be accepted by the fashion industry. He talks of H&M and Zara copiying everybody, yet almost everything from “yeezus” is a copy of something. Every little thing.
      (CD cover is taken from New Order-Crystal album cover, set design is from movie “The Holy Mountain”), and his clothing line? He took a bit of Margiela, a bit of Owens and tired to say its original and Paris Couture worth it? Students at FIT and Parsons put out better designs out there with no budgets or connections.

      Nobody is holding him back, nobody is interested in what he is designing because its all has been done, its not original or groundbreaking. Thats the truth. And thats another thing he doesn’t seem to understand. Nobody wants to deal with somebody who yells “I am Kanye, I want a meeting with you to discuss how visionary I am, how dare you dont want to speak with me”.

      And in what world do corporations ever have interests in anything but making money? How old are you not to understand this tiny little fact? Its always about money, Kanye wants big labels, because he wants money, its thats simple.

      and most importantly:

      Why does he constantly seek approval from the white billionaires and millionaires? Why does he always need to insert “billionaire” or “millionaire” in his rants. oh wow you spoke to one? you must be a genius! a special genius.

      p.s: I went to have coffee at a house of one of top ten people on Forbes list, I must be a genius too.

  • #TheTruth

    Give a fuck how much $$$ he lost fuck him and his rants!! I bet he doesn’t throw these tantrums @ all the big wig bosses he’s wining about. He thinks he’s bigger than the music and thats why his last album sucked. He needs an old fashioned ass whooping to bring him back to reality

  • Real Talk

    Now that he’s having interviews with individuals that arn’t intimidated by him, (Sway, Breakfast Club) Ye is freaking out. No more yes men around you, or BBC bullshit. Answer the question and stop with the fucking metaphors..

  • dispell_the_myth

    Why does Kanye think that he deserves to be a notable designer.

  • MarkVader┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐

    kenye is such a fuckin prick

  • MarkVader┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐

    Abraham didn’t free the slaves to hear about kanyes bull shit

  • Keko

    Everybody should just read Seriouslyfolks comment, and they will get what Kanye is trying to tell, that comment is really what everybody should know

    • Double-L (2jayz)

      how bout u stroke me?

    • Kufunya Ife

      I Read it and I completely inner Stood! and re posted on my FB Wall

  • Jason Salvador

    I’m midway through this and I can see why aye flipped…fuckin Sway keep cuttin him off

  • Matthew Smith

    Kanye is a fuckboy, his music is okay. But you don’t fucking flip on SWAY.

  • t

    yh anyone would be mad if they lost money, but i think the fuss is..that he disrespected sway by saying he has done little compared to him, and who knows his clothing line etc. I thought it that bit was disrespectful as Sway has been in the game for a long time, giving people opportunities.

  • Revolution

    The real issue here is kanye lacks the necessary leadership qualities to do anything about these issues. That would frustrate me too, especially if (like him) I didn’t know that was the reality…and it is clear he is disillusioned. I’ve yet to see an interview where he cohesively verbalizes these issues.

  • Hamid Saify

    I’m sure all the geniuses of history never called themselves genius. Or, the people who revolutionized so much of the world thought that would happen, nor stepped into it with the thought of doing that. You stumble into shit, you win, you get lucky.

    Kanye wants to invent products, build wealth, and pass it on. However, that’s a really challenging game, whether you have institutional capital or not. He’ll fail, but that doesn’t mean he’s being held back.

    I wish he’d consider his impact on the world as more than creating things that bring him & his family wealth. With his stature and “richness”, he could empower so many in Chicago, and other cities. And not knowing his charitable endevours, this doesn’t seem like something that would satisfy Kanye.

    • mistah dubs

      amen you don’t say my shit is the best album of all time like no one ever says that you stay humble and people recognize it. Hell Lil Wayne always said he is the best rapper alive and he sucked ass. Rakim may have called himself god or allah along with other legends but they did not have that chip of ego. It was more a spiritual thing mentally and not egotistical.

  • mistah dubs

    what an asshole seriously once again he had points but doesn’t connect the dots and rationalize his thoughts as far as the 2pac comparisons I can only sense that in his anger but 2pac had a much stronger purpose than Kanye does so Kanye just comes off as a complete prick shit I listened to 2pac’s interviews with Sway or anyone and he never flipped out like that man he always respected the interviewer Kanye needs to sit his ass down and that freestyle was complete garbage like are you fucking serious??
    On another note his album had nice production but check out a French edm producer Gesaffelstein who put out an instrumental album over in France I stumbled across and it is much more focused than Yeezus was. He doesn’t have the same heart in it as he used to. 2Pac always had heart. Drake hell no that dude scared as hell. But at the end of the day he needs to calm down and just do his thing dude’s still worth a ton of money even if the investment went sour. Bitch at them and not Sway. Be thankful he put u on the show.

  • Real

    Whats the name of your clothing line Sway? We don
    t know lol

  • rlw3333

    what a dickfuck. fuck kanye. sway need to kick that bitch off his show this is bullshit sway don’t deal with these fucking unappreciative pricks anymore man stick with the independent and humble

  • the truth.

    maybe kanye… just maybe, you lost your clothing money because… wait for it… NO ONE WANTS TO WEAR YOUR CLOTHES

  • Justin
  • Ontoneyo

    Kanye got the fame now he wants to cry all the time. STFu

  • swaysway

    the wall street journal explains everything without all the yelling.