Dr. Dre is not happy about a story that ran on TheDirty.com that alleged he cheated on his wife with actress Kili Anderson.

As a result, his lawyers have sent a cease and desist letter to the site, threatening it with a lawsuit for publishing false and slanderous information if it doesn't remove the story and post an apology letter. The letter states that "the post falsely declare that Mr. Young, a loving husband and father, has a mistress with whom he is having an affair, that he is leaving his wife, that he stayed with this alleged mistress in the house you show and that he gave her the ring you have pictured."

According to TMZ, TheDirty.com is not backing down and will ignore Dre's threat. Anderson (pictured below) has had minor roles in TV shows like Entourage and The O.C.

[Via TMZ]