DMX's monetary woes recently took another blow when a federal judge dismissed his bankruptcy filing citing legal noncompliance, reports The Journal News. As previously reported, DMX's recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing came under fire from the Justice Department earlier this month after they accused the rapper of having inconsistencies in his paperwork and purposely delaying proceedings. Friday, November 8, bankruptcy court Judge Robert D. Drain dismissed the filing at the request of U.S. Trustee Tracy Hope Davis who claimed Earl failed to provide truthful information. Some of these questionable entries include him listing his monthly income as $5,000 or $1,667 in different places, and marking that he had zero dollars worth of clothing despite claiming he spends $1,000 on clothes each month.

As a result of the dismissal, Earl stands to lose his possessions and his share of a White Plains, NY home. According to court documents, Simmons filed for bankruptcy back in 2009, but the filing was dismissed because of "unreasonable delays." The rapper's biggest debt is the $1.3 million he owes in back child support for his 10 children. X is prohibited from filing again for 18 months.

Earlier this week, X was arrested for driving on a suspended license in South Carolina. As a result, he missed a scheduled performance on the Wendy Williams Show.

[via HHW]