Los Angeles native DJ Mustard has been having a big year, and it just got a little bigger.

Today he announced that he's signed to Roc Nation as an artist (he was formerly signed under the label's management branch). The signing signifies that Mustard is more than just a club DJ and beat maker; rather, he's a hit maker and someone who deserves his own shine.

"I'm just trying to take this shit over," Mustard said when he swung by the XXL offices today to talk about the deal. "I don’t just do club records. I do everything."

The 23-year-old DJ said he decided to go with Roc Nation because it "was doing the same things" he's been doing in terms of being innovative. He also said that he and the label have had a solid relationship up to this point; during their time together, Mustard has produced a number of big-name records and even scored the ads for Jay-Z's Barneys collection. He looks forward to working with Jay more, he said.

But for now his focus is on YG's new album, My Krazy Life, which, according to him, he's produced "around 90 percent" of.  The album will include a collaboration with Drake he produced, titled "Who Do You Love?"

"The Drake shit is like nothing you’ve ever heard before," he said. "You’re going to get that bass and that 808, but at the same time the way I sequenced the beat is just a new way to sequence beats."

In Mustard's eyes, he's filling a gap in hip-hop that's been absent since Lil' Jon was popular.

'It’s not no young cat who is [DJing] on some fly shit," he said. "You got Khaled, but as far as the Lil’ Jons, who did club shit and yelled and screamed, that’s been missing."