Rap mogul Diddy has done a lot of extravagant things over the years, but this may take the cake.

Yesterday was supposed to be the 44th birthday of the Bad Boy Records owner, but he decided to "officially" push it back two weeks because he didn't "feel ready to celebrate," according to a press release on Revolt TV's website. The release goes on to say that Diddy  has been too busy starting up Revolt TV, which launched October 21, and that he is not "mentally " or "physically ready" yet for his birthday celebration.

How does Diddy get mentally and physically ready to party, you ask? Well, according to the release, he needs to get a haircut -- "my barber's out of the country," he says -- he needs to work out and he needs to get his teeth cleaned. At this point, we can assume Diddy is currently overweight, rocking an afro and sporting some nasty chops till we've learned otherwise.

His "official" birthdate is now November 16. No word yet if he's made the move official legally.

[Via Revolt TV]