Chance The Rapper Backs Out Of Australian Tour With Eminem


Chicago MC Chance the Rapper has recently been touring Europe with Eminem, but he won’t be joining Em on his next tour, as many expected.

Chance took to Twitter over the weekend to apologize to his fans and to tell them that exhaustion — or “being mad tired” — is the reason for him not going. A poster was leaked late last month that promoted the tour, which was dubbed the “Rapture 2014.” On it, Chance was billed as an opener, along with Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Action Bronson. A new version has since been released without Chance’s name (Kendrick, J. Cole and Bronson are still expected to perform).


The tour, which starts early next year, will make three stops in Australia and one in New Zealand. No word yet if the tour will eventually make its way over to the states.

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  • dasadsads

    Bro, it’s November. March is in 5 months. You can’t take a half a year to rest?

    These young rappers are fuckin divas, man. Bands used to tour for 3 years without even seeing their own bed. Real rockstars.

    • D. Rose in the paint

      These kids make the dumbest decisions…..but then again i guess thats what kids do

  • Andrew

    or maybe since chance only has 2 mixtapes out he wants to get an album started you fucking unconsidered lames

    • 86tillidie

      Agreed, I would rather Chance not go and drop an album. I’m from the US, not going to go watch him over there anyways.

  • D. Rose in the paint

    Awwww…..a 20 year old is just too tired to tour around the world with a 40 year old…something sounds extremely wrong with this!

  • my nigga Jamal

    He needs more music, sure he had arguably one of the best tapes in 2013, but he needs more work to be known for or he’ll be the “acid guy” He’s definately commited and i respect that. Can’t wait to see what Chance does next.