Bust A Cap: Kanye & Kim Like You’ve Never Seen Before

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Can you come up with a funny quote? Place your caption in the “Comments” section below. The best caption will be announced today at 4 p.m. Happy captioning!

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  • Dmoy

    Kanye- “The Sun is setting in the west, that means we heading north.” Kim- “North? That sounds nice… lets make that our baby’s name!”

  • 801435

    I hit the clutch first.

  • Pelle Pelle Pedro

    dmoy u wack

  • will

    is this ur first sextape

  • LuiKang

    KIM: “Maybe if i strip down naked again, pose sexy but in an ‘ARTISTIC’ way, everybody will forget about my boring dull sex tape!” KANYE: *in his mind* “THEM TITTIES THO!”

  • Ozzy Gonzalez

    Kanye be like: “We going west baby”

  • Mel

    KIM: Damn, we shoulda let my mom direct.

  • kdot112

    **waiting for Ray J to pop out the desert and say I filmed her first**

  • Statiss

    I hit it best.

  • GRsonic

    18 years, 18 years, and on the 18th birthday he found out it was Ray J’s…