Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers is one of the most quotable hip-hop albums of all time. From the skits to the lyrics to the little bits of kung-fu films spliced into the record itself, the album creates its own world of danger, intrigue and mystery. While each member has a distinct voice and lyrical approach—GZA is the wise master, Raekwon is the tough soldier, ODB is the impulsive wild-card—they share a worldview, never more so than on their triumphant debut, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this weekend.

In honor of the anniversary, we've gone ahead and selected 40 of the best lines from the group's mind-altering debut. From the harsh threats of "Bring Da Ruckus" to the stark confessionals of "Tearz," it's an album of great complexity, violence and humor. So read ahead, but, please, don't forget to protect your neck.