Can you imagine modern rap music without Kanye West's 808s And Heartbreak? It's difficult at this point. Though many artists have blurred the lines between hip-hop and other genres—upon its release 808s was compared to everything from Andre 3000's The Love Below to Common's Electric Circus—few records have had such an immediate, noticeable effect. With its stark compositions, Auto-Tune-assisted vocals and intensely personal subject matter, 808s ushered in a new era of heightened emotionality for rap.

In celebration of the album's recent 5 year anniversary this past weekend, we've gone ahead and selected 15 songs that bear the mark of Kanye's lonely robot musings and his experimental spirit. From the melancholy R&B of Frank Ocean to the reflective confessionals of Drake, the legacy of 808s is still growing. Welcome to heartbreak.