Vic Mensa's INNANETAPE project sounds like the product of multiple creative minds. Like his friend Chance The Rapper's Acid Rap, it's a tape that incorporates multiple producers, musicians and rappers, and in a new short film made by Chicago's Closed Sessions, Mensa walks us through the creative process behind the tape and introduces his team.

The doc takes the viewer into the studio with Mensa, where he's shown working with collaborators like Cam Osteen and Peter Cottontale. "I'm always open to suggestions," explains Mensa in the clip. "Ideas from, not everybody, but the people I trust."

As Mensa, Osteen and Cottontale are shown working together, they each explain what makes their process work. "We each push each other into new territory," Osteen explains. "[Vic] was telling me that before he sang on 'Magic,' he had never sang before." Watch the clip above.

[via NahRight]