Fresh off the release of his INNANETAPE project, Chicago's Vic Mensa recently stopped by Sway In The Morning to discuss his origins, his place in the Chicago hip-hop scene and his relationship with Chance The Rapper. But, as is often the case with Sway, he also ended up freestyling a bit.

Jumping on an instrumental of J. Cole's "Who Dat," Mensa showed off his skills with a complex, multi-layered verse that saw him switching up his flow and dropping clever lines. There's also a part where he says the Illuminati didn't invite him to his pizza party. Not cool, Illuminati.

In addition to freestyling, Mensa spoke about the Chicago's violent reputation but how it doesn't define him as an artist. Toward the beginning of the interview, Sway asks Vensa why he doesn't call his city Chiraq. "That's not what I'm about," he explains in the clip. "I think that's a very one dimensional, one-sided view of things. It's truthful, but that's not me. " Check out the full interview, below.

[via NahRight]