UPDATE: Eminem Enlists Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna And More On ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2′


On November 5, Eminem is set to drop his upcoming studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Two singles—“Survival” and “Berzerk”—have helped grow the anticipation for some new Em. Tonight, the Detroit MC revealed the tracklist for MMLP2. Check it out below.

[via RR]

UPDATE: There will be five more bonus songs added on the deluxe album.

Deluxe edition:

17. Baby
18. Desperation (Feat. Jamie N Commons)
19. Groundhog Day
20. Beautiful Pain (Feat. Sia)
21. Wicked Ways

[via HHNM]

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  • Zuri A.

    Only 4 features.. I’m actually happy about this.

    • Luca Lonardelli

      I quote dat!

  • So Sad

    This list is disappointing. The title’s of the track are corny, and rihanna is on this album, AGAIN. What happened to the old crazy Em?

    • cetrata

      This should be called Recovery 2 because at least it implies there would be pop guests. MMLP2, in comparison, indicates a classic sequel to a classic.

    • Guest

      You’re dumb, you’re gonna judge something as disappointing based on the name of tracks, and who’s featured on it?

      You haven’t even heard the album, and you ppl need to stop wishing for the so call “old” Em, the man was a lot younger back then. Good Artist evolve with age. You can’t expect to rap about material from his slim shady EP/LP days.

      • Andre Jones

        Agreed. Stop judging before you actually the hear the rest of the album.

      • ehhhh….

        its not that we expect him to rap like he did back then.. but when he calls his next album the MMLP2.. then were guna expect nothing more then the old eminem. in my opinion i feel calling this album the MMLP2 is just setting himself up for hate cuz there going to expect something so great.

        • rawr

          oh shut up. you all were bitching bout the same thing with recovery and relapse. don’t matter what its called. you’ll all end up cryin “we want the old em” in the end. and he’s marshall mathers why the fuck wouldnt he call it marshall mathers

  • cmack510

    oh god why rihanna again?…i hope this not another recovery album

    • Bryan Black

      it is old shady is dead sadly

  • BrianRaider

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! Yea Slim!!! Whattup Detroit?!? It’s A 313 Thang!!! My Nigga Gone Kill The Game! Shoutz To The Whole Shady, Royce, & Trick Trick!!! RIP Proof!!!!

    • Shim Slady

      Stop Using Capital Letters To Start Every Word; Idiot!

  • Tony

    @bbf3c31d2d1a332aa486aad6398c607f:disqus Hating on a tracklist though? ok. ok. making statements based on what you see from a tracklist MAY not be the smartest thing to do bruh.

  • Hiphopdisciple555

    no crooked I? slaughterhouse? yelawolf? what a great label boss smh

    • YungSauce

      He is not obligated to put them on his album, and other label-heads do the same thing all the time(Jay, Kanye, Wayne, etc). Artists need to be able to stand on their own.

  • Martin

    This gon’ be so dope! This gon’ be so dope!!!!!

  • Ancymon

    I guess Eminem forgot about D12 long ago… Rihanna ? , Skylar ? Meh…. Hope Dr Dre comes with good proguction…

    • Cantgo back

      No, sally from middle america who loves love the way you lie doesn’t know who d12 is


    he’ll probably will have 50 and yelawolf or slauter house and dre on the deluxe version


    i rather him have skyler and ri ri on there then nicki minaj or lame ycmb


    this album is gon be better than kanye and jay z put albums put together


    love you em

  • ehhh…..

    ok so i was seriously looking forward to this album till i saw the features.. glad to see kendrick but rihanna? skylar grey? and nate ruess???.. come on, if hes going to go ahead and call this the MMLP2.. he needs to atleast bring the rawness back. i thought for sure he would have some kinda feature from D12 or mayb even someone from the outsidaz or even royce?! like someone said above, looks more like a recovery part 2. not saying this album wont be good, mayb hell surprise us all, but based on the singles and the features, my hopes have deff been pushed down. and for whoever says berzerk is a hot track.. haha “i aint called anybody baby man since birdman, unless your a swallow” ahaha eminem just aint the same tough, raw, rugged and rough cat that he once was.. sad that he thinks anything new he puts out can compare to the classic MMLP. its like when they sequel a classic movie, its never as good as the original.

    • ehhhh……

      and let the hate begin..

    • I<3Titties

      i personally love that line lol u forgot the beginning btw “dont be absurd man u brain dead baby I aint called anybody baby since birdman, unless ur a swallow” its funny lolol n how u expect him to still be rough? he’s not poor anymore no more wife problems no more mom problems, he’s got his kids n everything. He’s just being him which is pretty damn ill.

  • Blah

    I bet this album will be a recovery 2. I have a feeling that Em labeling this album as MMLP2 is just a way of getting back his core audience. Recovery was terrible.

  • Blah

    I bet this album will be a recovery 2. I have a feeling that Em labeling this album as MMLP2 is just a way of getting back his core audience. Recovery was terrible.

  • vanchi

    yallnigas hating like a bitch do you yall know who this is hes the greatest and he guna show yall y. all yall saying this probably guna be a recovery 2 are all still guna buy the album and are probably listening to recovery while writing these comments

  • BrianRaider

    My Nigga Gone Kill The Game I Caint Wait 313 Stand Up Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • I<3Titties

    No one gave a fuck when MMLP first came out then everyone loved it n deemed it classic expecting that MMLP2 is gonna suck means u suck. Eminem has always been a dope lyricist n don’t front u know u liked “love the way u lie” N rap god n berserk are some of the illest songs out right now show me someone doing half as good except tech n9ne n pusha t. I do personally wish Slaughterhouse was on here but wtfever im gucci so glad were getting new eminem music

  • MrMythos94

    Recovery was bad? Why?
    Because it was too lyrical? Did it have too much of a good message? Was the change to a more mature artist too much for y’all?