Tyler, The Creator is officially a cartoon. After teasing a clip of his upcoming collaboration with FOX's Animation Domination programming block, the Odd Future ringleader has released the full version of an animated clip called "5 Things You Didn't Know About Tyler, The Creator." The short video finds Tyler sharing some goofy and intimate secretes about himself, including the fact that he likes to get his feet massaged.

After talking a bit about his distaste for apple skins, his tendency to yell at small children and his passion for racing other cars on the road, he gets into the foot stuff. "I like feet," he says in the clip as an animated clip of him going to a massage parlor plays. "I lie to the masseuse like 'Oh, I'm a performer I need my back massaged' but I really just want them to touch my feet for a full hour. It's not weird or nothing."

According to a recent BuzzFeed article on the creation of the cartoon, the clip was animated by "Tumblr-famous artist" Henry The Worst, who mixed his unique style with Tyler's anarchy-filled comedic sensibility. Check out the full clip above.