Twitter Reacts To Eminem’s New Single, “Rap God”


Eminem’s new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, is only three short weeks way from release. While we wait on the album to drop, Eminem took the time to release his latest single, “Rap God,” to the public. Public reaction to the song has been swift and immediate on Twitter.

Here are the best reactions on Twitter to Mr. Mathers’ newest single.

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  • lvdxn

    really, your one tweet? tf!!?!?!

  • GroundUp’s PhoeNix

    Eminem has done his job and left his mark on this Earth regardless. Nothing but respect for the drive and passion that he has, I can relate

    • Zuri A.

      And unlike Jay, is putting out good, consistent material

      • FuckTheWorld

        Smh… Different places in life and different artists.. Jay is actually more consistent than Em. Relapse and Recovery were not good at all. Encore was OK.. The last real GREAT album Em put out was Eminem Show. MCHG was decent. Not Jay’s best work but we don’t compare Jay to other artists and their standards.. We compare to Jay to, well, JAY..

        • Zuri A.

          This is where people like you f up… Jay isn’t untouchable.. He doesn’t make great consistent albums. He has mutiple hits, that’s all. Albums wise, Eminem and others like Kanye shit on him. Recovery was a enjoyable album if hardcore hip hop fans would would stop complaining about his singles.

        • DJG

          Agree with you 100%. Eminem feels like the Alex Rodriguez of rap, at one point he was the best in the game and then he just became average.

        • hhf

          WTF ? Relapse and Recovery were the biggest selling hip hop albums of their respective year, selling more than Jay Z’s last two albums. Not consistent ? May not be the best albums, but each album was very successful.

          • Real Slim Shady Stand up

            And look at the Encore, Em Show, MMLP, and Slim shady LP. They all heavily outsold Relapse and Recovery. I’m sorry but Em has changed his flow and voice pitch and a lot of his core fans have moved on. Still I can’t deny he still has bars, but personally his flow and voice have just got annoying.

          • Zuri A.

            Thank you!

          • chris rock

            Oh yeah, i forgot that “selling well” was the same as “good”…

        • Matt

          Encore was very far from “OK”. It was horrible. Tbh, if you think that album is OK, you kinda reveal your rap credentials.

          • chris rock

            Yeah agree, i bought it with the highest expectations back then (after all his previous work was the glorious em show)… then i heard big weenie… :/

        • Bruno Dutra

          Heard ‘Hell The Sequel?’

        • Angel

          YOUR FUCKING CRAZY! Eminem was actually man enough to admit Relapse was a shitty project but Recovery has its name for a reason. The guy collapsed from overdosing and had to start over rapping cuz his memory issues and he still made an album 2 years later and he still won grammys. Most likely Jay-Z wouldve quit. Recovery was actually a dope ass album

        • Chik-Chika

          Magna carter holy grail, isnt really an impressive album at all, it only is so hyped because it sold a lot by pre-orders, no ageless songs on there.

      • koot316

        TRUE LAME EM SAID HIMSELF HIS RELAPSE PORJECT SUCKED SO DID ENCORE SO THAT tells you he wasnt always consistent bro his first 4 projects if you include infinite was consistent but then the drugs became part of his life and he dropped the ball now Hov on the other hand didnt star being consistent unntil blueprint 1 he had reasonable doubt and hard knock life 2 but had gaps between those albums MCHG WAS A GREAT ALBUM but it left you wanting more some people just want more then what realistic

        • Zuri A.

          Lmaooo yeah ok

      • Checkz

        consistent? recovery was horrible… well lets RECAP here, sslp = great, mmlp = great, encore = good, relapse = good, recovery = COMPLETE AND UTTER TRASH, mmlp2 = looks like its gonna be bad but better than recovery

    • Damnation


  • Bianca Eliza

    Haters gonna hate

    • Danial Parsa

      there’s only one acceptable answer for haterz ………..IGNORE

  • Mike Van Orden

    Technically people can’t touch him, he can do anything he wants with the craft. But now it’s about selecting the right beats and talking about things that really matter. You don’t need to show off anymore. The song is pretty good but I’m hoping this is the one he chose to show off on and that there is more substantive material on the rest of MMLP2, more classic sounding beats as well that harken back to his original sound.

    • J Lynch 1

      At the end of the day, Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time, like it or not. Any rapper or anyone that matters will tell you that. I’m not even Em’s biggest fan, it’s just what it is.

      • Mike Van Orden

        This is true. He can do it in his sleep, and sometimes he does. That’s the problem. Encore and Relapse were done in his sleep. I want MMLP2 to be hungry Marshall again. Recovery was close, but he was still coming out of the fog and was being all nice. ‘Rap Goid’ bodes well, definitely.

  • Blackbeards Delight

    i feel like this is just a throwback to remind us that he still has the ability he had when he made mmlp. He’s just showing us his lyrical ability still. and it’s called rap god, that’s what the song is about. i fuckin loved it.

  • Jon Tewnes

    Beast mode – if everybody wanted to talk about a Kendrick verse that wasnt even his best you gotta talk about this. EM destroyed it hands down. lyrically right now nobody F*****n wit this dude.

  • rob

    you need some help to sell, here, ” XXL, XXL!” just like eminem said in mmlp, you hatin ass magazine

  • Terminat0r


    • K.

      That boy is playing with fire though

  • tirell

    People questioning the references?
    how many times have i heard references to vanilla ice, mc hammer, and others from the 90′s..when they do it, its all good, but when em does it they think he’s lost with the times.
    be mindful that this album is called “MMLP2″, part one of which dropped in 2000. this song (not the other singles) purposefully contains similar rhymes (ie violent, sadistic, cruel) and flow to that first album. he’s spazzing out on a track…like he was known for
    confirmation bias and selective memory at its fullest by those who don’t like em, or any rapper for that matter

  • Paige Caulum

    anyone else not able to press the “next” button after the first tweet?

  • Eli

    He is back!Magna carta and Yeezus on my trash ryt now!

  • ROB


  • koot316

    EM Is a beast and always has been te last album was cray cant wait for this one

  • Tameeka

    The greatest Rap album 2013. I can’t wait!

  • jargueta90

    EM killed, hands down!! F*** the sales!! He actually raps and has always been consistent with his style.

  • Upstate

    Man, that Rap God track is insane! And wtf are people talking about Recovery was ass. That shit was #1 for how many months? It was a well thought out, musically good album. People hate for nothing smh

  • AssGod

    EM is probably the only person that can make a song about Mc donalds & it becomes a #1 hit

  • Spoken Word™

    Idiots arguing online…. How surprising. Like who you like and GTFOH with telling others who’s better than who.

  • u mad

    maybe yr zine won’t have so much trouble to sell, fuck it ill buy a couple myself,

  • chris rock

    Em lyrics + No I.D., Kanye, Dre, production would be dope as fuck… but i’ll keep dreaming….

  • Walter White

    Em kilt that shit.Lyrical assasin.Why be a king when u can be a God.

  • God

    don’t fuck with Jay right now Eminem is average