TDE’s Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock & Ab-Soul Are On XXL’s Oct/Nov Cover


With Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock and Ab-Soul plus newest additions Isaiah Rashad and SZA, Top Dawg Entertainment has proven already that it’s the illest crew in hip-hop right now, and it’s all just begun. TDE’s Black Hippy group appears on the cover of the October/November issue of XXL with a special photo shoot by Jonathan Mannion and story by kris ex, which explores the fast-growing success of TDE as a label and the careers of the individual artists.

Inside the issue, XXL celebrates the 10th anniversary of hip-hop’s biggest-selling album, OutKast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, by discussing the impact and influence of the critically acclaimed project with both Andre 3000 and Big Boi. The famed Atlanta MCs also weigh in on their LP Aquemini, which celebrated its 15th anniversary September 29.

Also in the mag, Big Sean reflects on his most recent project, Hall Of Fame, and what he’s got up next, Chance The Rapper dissects his guest verse on “You Song” from Lil Wayne’s Dedication 5 mixtape, Yo Gotti gets his first big XXL story, and Jeff Weiss takes a provocative look at the media’s continued obsession with labeling current hip-hop as violent. Plus there’s much more in the magazine and on

The new issue of XXL hits stands October 29.

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  • Karlton Francis

    jay rock stole Reed Dollaz bars though!

  • Alwin Real


  • Aundrel Williams

    XXL is foul lool “Kendrick and Black hippy”? the fuck change that shit

    • Kasey

      Yeah that’s fucked up. They need to go on and change that shit. Ab-Soul is not pleased and I feel him on that. All 4 of those guys are Black Hippy. smh

    • Stay Trippy

      JO yo so right. OMG

  • Sosa

    They f***** up by labeling it “Kendrick and Black hippy” Kendrick is part of black hippy to put his name alone is to say that hes better than the people black hippy. Ab-soul, Jay Rock,Schoolboy Q and Kendrick are equal.

  • Brian Zamora

    I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU GUYS, but to me ab-soul’s the best, then kendrick, jay rock,and lastly Q

  • djsteez

    fuck xxl

  • Supafly

    Musicians, could something this cheap this make or break your career?
    seattle.craigslist. org/see/crs/4134065963. html

  • JSC1

    They singled out KENDRICK LAMAR and put his name on the front cover just so they can get more attention and pick-ups of the magazine. Media always gotta be fucking things up. Y’all really needa learn how to SUPPORT these artists instead of using them to SELL. Maybe one way to SUPPORT them is to know who the fuck “Black Hippy” actually consists of. Ironic that they separate Kendrick from Black Hippy. Lol terrible.

  • lexii

    yall real corny for that double x c’mone do yall kno black hippy or nah

  • Trey Arline

    Seriously? You couldn’t have said all their names or just Black Hippy? That’s so disrespectful.

  • B

    Speakerboxxx/The Love Below is only ranked as the biggest selling hip-hop album of all time because the RIAA count double album sales as two copies sold. It’s The Marshall Mathers LP which has sold the most physical copies, almost twice as many as Outkast’s record.

  • loyal_ethics

    XXL change the MF title of that XXL if you all really was into HIPHOP or knew TDE “Black Hippy” before the mainstream media caught on to them you all would know KDOT is apart of black hippy. Why not just have the cover say


    this like if you all had the Wu-Tang clan on the cover and it said

    With The RZA & The Wu-Tang Clan
    RAP’S most legendary crew

    this Just DUMB! whoever okayed to print it this way needs to be fired!! you all make your magazine look less creditable titled the way it is now!!

  • Bizness

    XXL , yall wrong for that . you cant jus single out Kendrick like that , Kendrick is apartof black hippy . Yall got ppl mad out here for that , yall need to fix that up before your release that shit , cause we aint feeling it .

  • loyal_ethics

    XXL You all make yourselves look less creditable with that cover how it is written! you all can’t be that into hip hop having it that WAY! KDOT (kendrick LAMAR) is apart of Black hippy and they all can spit! why TF you all single him out??? everybody in TDE go hard! you all need to reprint that ASAP!!


  • Dat nigga

    kendrick better than all them niggas they weak compared to him so the name fits

  • repo

    why are y’allmad? Kendrick is the most popular out of them currently. If XXL had featured Kendrick only on the cover, this BS wouldn’t come up. ab soul get to the music and make some good music if u want to be famous.

  • Hervé

    When the movement go hard some Bitch ass nigga need to break it down #ridiculous

  • Bryce

    BOOOO Y’all XXL Niggas foul for that. Okay Kendrick was the blow up but don’t discount the rest of the crew. Rock started this shit and put all of them on and it’s not like other crews where theres clearly one MC who’s the most talented. They all bring something different to the table and are all NICE AS FUCK. Rock, Q or Soulo could have easily blown up as fast, Kendrick just happened to be up first.
    Plus TDE is the label and Black Hippy is the Crew. TDE includes Isaiah Rashad, SZA, Jhene Aiko, Bj the Chicago Kid, Punch, Sounwave and a bunch of other people