Ed. Note: A Tribe Called Quest's Phife will be writing a regular, monthly column throughout the NBA season where he'll combine player and coach interviews with discussions with other rappers and analysis of the season's progress. This first installment season Phife predict how the Eastern Conference will shake out. Stay tuned later today for his breakdown of the Western Conference.

Greetings from the World's Greatest 5-footer. I come to you excited and humbled by introducing what I call THE TIP-OFF. My NBA 2013-14 Off-Season Report Card and Predictions.

Some may agree, some may not, I could be on point, or I could be way off (I DOUBT IT). But no matter the outcome of your favorite squad, I'm wishing all my NBA fans, enthusiasts, historians, coaches, trainers, season ticket holders, owners and couch potatoes a wonderful NBA season.

This season looks as if it can possibly be one of the best; just look at what took place at the 2013 NBA draft this past June. No one expected the Cleveland Cavaliers to shake things up by selecting UNLV's Anthony Bennett with the 1st pick, and with that The Draft became a night to remember!

So fasten ya seat belts folks—it's gonna be a wild ride! Stay tuned all season long as I interview your favorite ballers, rhyme slingers etc...and keep an eye out for my new single, "Dear Dilla," coming soon from the LP MUTTYmorPHosis!

Now lets start things off in the Eastern Conference! —Phife