Since the release of Chief Keef's 2012 hit "I Don't Like," producer Young Chop has been a hot commodity. Continuing to pad his resume with credits for Kanye West, Big Sean, Juicy J, DJ Khaled and Pusha T, the Chicago beat maker or his sound don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The portly producer recently took part in Reddit's Ask Me Anything Session. Chop answered fans' questions about everything from his relationship with Kanye, to his favorite producer to his top spot in the Chi to get some grub. Check out some selected Q&A’s from the AMA session, below.

What was it like producing for Kanye, how is his work ethic and what is special about him compared to others.
Kanye is a genius. I aint never say that about no m#therf#cker. He knows how to direct on that production shit. He’s a cool dude too.

How do you feel about the EDM inspired "Trapstyle" music?
The shit turnt up, that’s the next way to go.

What artist do you most want to produce for? Also, would you work with other Chicago based rappers like Vic Mensa or Chance the Rapper?
I would work with Chance and who ever wants to get it in.

How many beats have you created on your most prolific day?
Six beats

Outside of hip hop, what genres are you into, and what are you listening to currently?
I'm into R&B and listening to Tamar Braxton.

Who are your top 3 rappers right now?
2 Chainz, Drake, Jonny May CaSh

How did your relationship with Big Sean come about?
We met last year and I was comin up. I flew to LA. My manager been friends with NO ID since kids. They introduced us. Next thing you know I'm in there making "Moola" for Detroit mixtape. I played him two beats and both made the mixtape.

What is your favorite beat that you have made?

“Don’t Like” and “Us”

Dream collab?

Who are your Top 5 producers of all time?
Dre, Pharrell, Me, Timbaland, Me

What’s your favorite place to eat in the Chi?

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