Kanye West Rant #249 In Oakland, Takes Shots At Dentist


At this point they should just put a picture of Kanye West next to the word “rant” in the dictionary. West is making his rounds on his Yeezus Tour with Kendrick Lamar, and during a recent show in Oakland he decided to give the crowd a mouthful. Ye kicked off the rant on a power trip exclaiming, “I control the media. I get on TV shows and do what the f#ck I want, when I want, how I want. My way.” As he warms up, he continues to complain about being put in a box artistically and even throws shots at his dentist for trying to relate to him. He ended on an empowering note singing to the crowd, “Raise your hands if you believe you can do anything.” His next tour stop is tonight in Los Angeles.

Check out the full rant, below.

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  • yoyoyoy

    I’m a huge fan of Kanye’s music but WTF is on his face

  • MJVuke77

    Fuck Kanye!

    • scotty

      fuck you

      • MJVuke77

        Nah? Fuck you and you’re moms! Kanye is an ignorant motherfucker! You must be in high school? Or maybe watch too much reality tv! Eat a dick up bitch!? Ps? FIX YOURSELF!

        • Peter Braun

          Please explain how he is an “ignorant motherfucker.”

  • Pablo Perez

    Sorry, this guy is ridiculous. I feel like a fucking retard for having wasted precious moments of my life reading / watching this shit. I’m ready for him, his auto-tuned bullshit, and his porn slut to go the fuck away.

  • Star Matic

    dude lost it


    Yeezy is saying that the media has controlled the conscious of Americans as they follow what’s hot or what’s cool Kanye is doing his own thing. He doesn’t give a fuck about the media. He is pushing us to not follow the hot trends and be YOURSELF. Tale the time to find yourself. Because this monkey cage box that we live in here in America doesn’t allow for true expression.

    Don’t do IT. Just Do YOU.