Kanye West Gives Reason Why He Brought Jesus Out On Stage

In a sit down interview with San Francisco’s Wild 94.9, The JV Show, Kanye West explains the reason why he brought an actor dressed as Jesus to the stage at his Yeezus tour kickoff in Seattle. In the video, Ye’ states “We do plays all the time, people play Jesus, you know what’s awesome about Christianity, people are allowed to play God.” He continues to say “We’re allowed to draw images of him, we’re allowed to do movies of him. Other religions we’re not allowed to do that. That’s what’s really awesome about Christianity. One of the awesome things.”

He later touches on illuminati, White Jesus and Black Jesus, the corporate world and a multitude of other topics. You can listen to the full interview below and watch the video of his reason behind bringing out Jesus above.

[via HHNM]

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  • BigDane187

    How come Kanye got a white man playing Jesus? Ignorant.. Jesus was from Jerusalem and i ain’t never seen 1 white man come out of there but ol’ blue eyed Jesus.

    • icon Kain

      On top of that 1 of the 10 commandments is tho shell not bare any images of God. Look up the ten commandments. That is wrong. There should be no pics of God because that cause controversy and controversy cause problems. That’s in any religion. and your not suppose to play God or take is name in vain. I study this don’t mean i live it wish i did but its not as easy as it look. ye playing with God and that’s not cool. READ THE BIBLE.