10 Embarrassing Moments That Have Occurred In Hip-Hop


Along with many triumphs, hip-hop has also had its fair share of epic fails. Whether it was a spur of the moment occurrence or a well thought out plan, some things that went down in rap culture are just too confusing to fathom. From Eve’s unknown stripper past to Nas wearing the most demeaning shirt possible to the Grammys, like many circles,hip-hop has had to bite the bullet a few times.

Check out a few moments the genre wished it could have back.

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  • Kristie J. Thompson

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    • http://fuckwshhpolice.com/ isaac haze

      fuck yo aunt elena

    • http://fuckwshhpolice.com/ isaac haze

      and fuck that benz too

  • Michael Burmeister

    How is what Kanye did embarrassing? He spoke out in true hip-hop fashion…unlike what the mainstream is doin’ now ridin’ Obama’s nuts.

    • david3528

      That was an unintelligent, unprepared, uneducated blurt. Granted I agree with his statement however, don’t try and come play with the big boys unless you’re properly prepared or no one will take you seriously. Kanye def took an ‘L” on this one.

  • Travis

    its embarrassing because he’s a dumbass……. talking about race and speaking only for black people, ” his people”…. I didn’t realize that black people from the suburbs were the main people suffering durning Hurricane Katrina….. A man speaking about racial inequality when he is the most racist person in the room….. Anyone who says Kanye isn’t racist just doesn’t want to face facts because he produces good music… the man clearly hates white people but it’s okay because he’s black and nobody wants to call him on it because they in turn would be called racist.

  • ms. wilson

    for me nothing was worse than that Frutis commercial…that was so not hip-hop and how does a commercial run for 4mins or was that suppose to be a promo for a terrible new girl group. 2 thumbs down.

  • manic

    bush does not care about black people thats a fact

  • James Tunechi White

    All of this shit was painful to watch.


    well, at least to answer XXL question about Drake in the clip: GAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

  • feelgoodupnu

    That was funny, unexpected but true