Earl Sweatshirt sat down with the Associated Press recently to voice how happy he was right now in his life. "I'm pretty (expletive) happy all the time now, to be honest," Earl says. After his highly anticipated project, Doris, dropped back in August and debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart, things have been pretty swell for the West Coast MC, and he appreciates it.

He also touches on his return to the U.S. after coming back from the Samoan boarding school his mother sent him to and how frustrating the pressure of trying to meet the lofty expectations placed on his shoulders, which essentially changed him. "I don't like anyone anymore," Earl said. "It ruined my human relations. Overall, the places that I'm in constantly that I have to be because it's my job now, I hate so many people. ... It's just rap is such a scummy place, dog. It's like no other genre. And I'm not talking about rappers, per se. I'm talking about, the subculture of it is gross."

[via AP]