Today, E-40's winery is now officially open. The Bay Area MC announced that he is launching "Earl Stevens Selections,"  which is an assortment of white and red wine in three flavors: Mangoscato, Function Red Blend and Moscato.

“I wanted to create my own wine because I’m a huge wine connoisseur." explains E-40. "I love wine and I got a name for myself so I decided to make my own.”

Mangoscato, which is 18% alcohol, "blends the sweet aromas of mango, citrus and apple" and is on sale for $19.99. The Cabernet/Zinfandel blend—the Function Red Blend—goes for $14.99. This is the perfect wine to go with any event you have with it's "titillating aromas of raspberry and plum and subtle hints of spice, oak and vanilla. The flavors are a delicious array of ripe fruit and balanced acidity with the sweet headiness of French oak." The Moscato goes for $13.99 which blends a fruity flavor with "the floral aromas of honeysuckle, gardenia, orange blossom, white cherry, apple, pear and peach."

Earl Stevens Selections are available online here.