Channeling his old spirit, Diddy recently evoked the return of Puff Daddy. Saying that the vibrant essence has returned to him upon launching Revolt, the mogul is now officially referring to himself as Puff Daddy again.

Appearing on the Ellen show, Diddy and the host joked about his reluctance to stick to one name. Giving insight  that his name changes as a result of his aura at the time, he clarified that his alter-ego of the moment is indeed Puff Daddy. "Puff Daddy is an old name so technically it's not a new name. But I've been in the Puff Daddy cause I'm launching this network and I had to go back to my roots. the aggression, the intensity, and the relentlesness and that's Puff Daddy, that's a superhero. So it's not technically a name change, it's just i'm channeling one of my pervious alter-egos."

Watch Diddy twerk in the clip below.