Childish Gambino Doesn’t Want To Rap

Childish Gambino - "Outside" Camp (2011)


Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, dropped the first track and the title to his upcoming second album, Because The Internet, late last week, but today he took to Instagram to talk about some of the things he’s been dealing with of late.

He initially starts off with a series of fears—”I’m afraid of the future” and “I’m scared I will never reach my potential” and “I’m scared people will find out what I masturbate to”—and keeps it going for the first four posts. They range from self-deprecating humor (a la the masturbation line) to real, serious fears about his career (“I’m scared I’ll never grow out of bro rape” and “I’m afraid Dan Harmon hates me”).

But then he directly addresses his hip-hop career, saying “I didn’t leave Community to rap. I don’t wanna rap. I wanted to be on my own.” His final note reads, “The label doesn’t want me to release in December ’cause I’m not a big artist. I started the record last Christmas. Christmas always made me feel lonely, but it helped me restart the new year. I want people to…this album when everything’s closed. When everything slows down and quiet. So you can start over.”

Read the Instagrams, written on Residence Inn Marriott note cards, below.

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  • I need more cowbell

    man i luv you bro.

    Just be yourself and like bro rape dudes………….

  • chris v


  • Madlo Max

    Dang, a lot of fears. Though he isn’t afraid to take leap where others stray. He isn’t afraid to express his fears. He wasn’t afraid to take stand behind a mic and let everyone hear. Now everybody loves Gambino (If not… Shut up). Not only does he have massive amounts of fans in Mansfield, Ohio. He is a star in the dark of music today. There is only one Childish Gambino. That being said that record label must not of heard Culdesac and needs to pleasure themselves with listening to CAMP again. Glass needs to treasure this treasure. Not tell him he is a minuscule artist. I have all his mixtapes and records. Childish Gambino and Yasiin Bey are the only two artist I will always listen to. Three, also Boosie. They go from giving me a smile, To giving me the feeling that I’m not alone with life’s unbearable problems.
    So I don’t know. Just let this artist do his thing.

  • Roy Poole

    This is why Donald Glover will forever be one of my favorite human beings. He’s not the funniest comedian, he’s not the best actor and he’s not the greatest rapper of all time, but he’s honest. With everything he does, there’s a certain level of honesty and truth to the things he says, his jokes, his lyrics or whatever. He’s just a normal guy who has been blessed with a lot of talent and opportunity, and although he may be a bit better off than the rest of us, he’s just trying to find his place in the world like anyone else. I’ve never met the man, I hope to, but probably never will, but I can honestly say that I love what he stands for and what he represents. He’s changed my life. From the moment I first became a fan of Donald Glover, I’ve felt like there’s finally a famous person that I can actually relate to. I love that about him. He was, is and will continue to be an inspiration to me and always will be.

  • Zander

    This level of honesty is what makes an artist valuable to people. Donald Glover is just as vulnerable and troubled as anyone and to post all of that rather than hide behind his celeb status is admirable. Understanding how others navigate life is crucial in having great relationships with people so salute to Gambino for even bothering to share his fears with us.