Chicago's Chance The Rapper stopped by BET's 106 & Park last night and dropped some knowledge on Bow Wow during his interview segment. The Acid Rap artist took the opportunity to talk about his strategic take-over of the rap game, citing the "guns and butter" speech from John Singleton's 2001 film Baby Boy and explaining why he hasn't signed with a label yet.

Sporting an Obama sweatshirt, Chance expounded on the importance of keeping it independent. "I think it's mad important for the American dream to exist," explains Chance in the clip. "That's what I'm on right now. I'm on my own tour now. I've only dropped mixtapes, never signed to a label or whatever. Everything I do is a part of my own business, and in doing so as an independent artist, it kinda brings some stakes back to the music industry."

The interview also found him talking about his upcoming tour dates with Eminem, his recent BET Hip-Hop Award Nomination and whether or not he belives aliens exist. "I do believe in aliens," he said. Check out the full clip below.