Cam'ron has been on his grind recently after dropping the new mixtape Ghetto Heaven Vol 1., collaborating on a Dipset jersey line and even merchandising a new desinger sock collection. Last month, Killa also unveiled the trailer for a new video series entitled 1st of The Month. The Harlem MC recently chopped it up with DJ Scream on his HoodRich radio show and revealed his future plans for the series as well as what the future holds for the long-awaited Dipset reunion. According to Cam, he plans to expand his 1st of The Month idea into 30 minute installments. "What I'm going to start doing is, instead of putting out a movie every year or two years, we are doing 30 minute episodes where it comes out on the first of the month and the name of the series is 1st of The Month," said Cam adding that new music would also accompany series. "Right now I'm working on a deal figuring out where we gone distribute it at. It will definitely be out at the top of the year, in January."

Now that the core members of Cam's beloved Harlem outfit Dipset have been seeing eye-to-eye for a while now, fans have been wondering when the official reunion album happen. According Mr. Giles, scheduling is the only hold up. "Everybody still has a lot going on. It's about everybody being on the same page and not being busy," he said. "Everybody got something going on right now, so we all gotta get on the same page."

Check out the entire clip, below.