Bust A Cap: Nicki Minaj’s Pasties (Winner Announced)


Can you come up with a funny quote? Place your caption in the “Comments” section below. The best caption will be announced today at 4 p.m. Happy captioning!

Winner: “patrick you lucky bastered” by Ricardo Duggy Mercado via Facebook

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  • easy money

    only if they was real…

    • Owen Plamann

      as much as I hate most of Nicki Minaj’s music, they’re actually real. Her butt’s fake though.

      • KayD

        Nope. Boobs are fake too

  • Keith S. Alejandro

    The effects of silicone on starfish

  • phenomENON

    ripped off everything but Cheetaras pasties.- @enonthaphenom

  • Punked in my mouth a little

    That bitch is disgusting.

  • Michael A

    5 star Bitch

    • KayD

      *2 Star

  • TyQwan H

    smile carved chiclets,leopard stars on big tits,muggin’ in ya face like I gotta grill when I didnt,teeth still glissin’,eyes wide wild rasta,this bitch is bombastic

  • samgregtom

    Wish upon a star, restraining ordar (Evil Nicki Voice)

  • Tamarianna Bossett

    “i just saw my fucked up looking tits, in the mirror”

  • http://mikevo.wordpress.com/ Mike Van Orden

    nothin’ to see here

  • TheH2Effect

    Patrick (from Spongebob) would be proud…

  • TheH2Effect

    “Patrick (from Spongebob) would be proud…”

  • TheH2Effect

    “Nicki-Nipple Pasties presents… ‘Patricks’.”

  • BrianRaider

    man Cot Damn!!! Nothing Funny About This. This Shit Serious!!! One Day Lord Willin’ One Day!!!

  • BrianRaider

    Oooooooooooooh Nicki

  • BrianRaider

    Got Milk?!? I Could Go For Some Right Now For Some Reason!!!

  • Kingkush

    Let me see your war face!

  • Kevin Dub-izzle

    Body of a goddess, face of a ratchet.

  • Collin

    kill it before it lays eggs.

  • BrianRaider

    Man I Will Say It Again When I’m Down & Out XXLMaG Comes With Shit To Make Me Feel Better!!!

  • Roger

    introducing new Nikki Minajtata’s…also comes in black and wacky rainbow


    “I’m so irrelevant this is the only thing I can do to gather attention.”

  • C. Scott


  • rick jons

    in nicki’s voice “look how fat my tiddies iz”…..