Bust A Cap: Miley Cyrus Nails Lil Kim


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  • @casper_elrey

    Because Daddy wasn’t already proud enough

  • HamandEgger

    Small ass tits

  • MarkVader┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐

    now she looks like a prostitute

  • d00dNick

    Using the same amount of fabric as Kim she was able to cover her entire breast. Kim’s Nip=Miley’s Tit.

  • Mob Hollows

    It was either this or blackface.

  • King Royalty

    Lil Kim voice ” My doc just hooked me up with that new Miley Cyrus package”!!

  • OldBoyG

    Kanye: Yo Miley you look good and all but Lil Kim’s dress was outstanding!

  • MergeLdc

    There are going to be a lot of guys dressed as Diana Ross tonight…..

  • MergeLdc

    If Lil kim decided to go as Miley tonight then im sure that somewhere in brooklyn there is one disgusted wrecking ball

  • Bigdaddy134

    look ma, no tits

  • Clondyke Classic

    itty bitty titty a$$ lol

  • JamesFourTwenty

    Id hit that…

  • Delakit

    “Here’s some peanut butter for all that Jelly.”

  • Kaleeks

    Once You Go Black….

  • AZ40

    It’s Honky Minaj!!!

  • JAy ES

    Wait till you see Daddy dressed as B.I.G.!!