Hip-hop could not ask for a more candid moment than for A$AP Rocky and Snoop Dogg to converse about groupies. As the lively rappers sat down to discuss valuable life lessons, the two also spoke about the outpouring of hyper-active enthusiasts around them, who happen to be both male and female.

In another segment of Noisey's "Back & Forth," Rocky this time chatting with Snoop, talks about the recent outbreak of male groupies. Reflecting on some funny stories, both emcees express a strong disliking for the bunch, telling that the lengths they go to are most times unwelcome. Snoop even throws in a story about a male chasing him in a foreign country, which is definitely a highlight in the clip.

Continuing discussing the loses and gains of fame, the rappers also express the many changes that have come about since getting on.

Check it out.