If you’re reading this list from a Honda, then chances are you’re aware that rappers drive more expensive cars than you. It’s something that’s consistently increased in price over the years—remember when Nas said “I’d push the Q45 Infinity” in “If I Ruled The World”? Now you couldn’t rule your own driveway in that car. But it’s like Kanye West said in “Run This Town,” “What you think I rap for? To push a fuckin’ Rav4?”

And there you have it: The cars make the rapper. They make them so much that rappers have crafted entire songs about them. To honor these luxuries, we’ve made a list of 20 songs that name check the most expensive cars. Now this list isn’t about cars in general. If it were then we’d mention tracks like Mike Jones’ “Still Tippin” or Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s.” No, these are the priciest of the pricey a.k.a. ones you can’t get a lease for even if you tried. So start your engines and check them out below. --KI