15 Of The Best NBA Rappers

Tony Parker

Standout Song: “Top Of The Game” Featuring Fabolous & Booba
Best Line: “The music industry freaked of Paris in the USA”

Tony P. launched his music career in 2007 with his first album that had appearances from Jamie Foxx, Bobba Soprano and Fabolous. Since then, the San Antonito Spurs vet has hung up his mic for good, but there’s still this gem to remember him by. “Top Of The Game” collides French rap with the hardened rhymes of a Brooklyn boy. Surprisingly, it’s not as bad as everyone says it is.


Marquis Daniels

Standout Song: “Come Here Nikki” Featuring Dee Boi
Best Line: “No top on the interstate, we get that big money—call it Ricki Lake”

While Daniels isn’t rolling with his Milwaukee Bucks family, he’s out making rap songs with his group 1090 Blok Boyz. Under the name Q6, Daniels went hard on the instrumental, spitting Gucci Mane-esque rhymes about his ice game and money. “Come Here Nikki” was his best single featuring a passable verse by Dee Boi.


Stephen Jackson

Standout Song: “Save The Day”
Best Line: “PA raised me, NBA saved me / Who would have known that bouncing balls would have me ballin’ crazy”

Stak5 took a familiar route in hip-hop by flooding the streets with his mixtapes. Trill Mixes, which was hosted by DJ Scream, included a gem called “Save The Day.” Most basketball players get inspiration from riches to write their rhymes, but Stak5 was different. Taking cues from hip-hop’s best storytellers, he spun introspective rhymes about how the NBA got him this far.


Allen Iverson

Standout Song: “40 Bars”
Best Line: “You went platinum with a ghostwriter / So in the game you won, you cheated”

How could you not include the great Allen Iverson as the best NBA rapper alive? Ok, A.I. touching on vile topics like homophobia and gun touting doesn’t exactly fit with the NBA’s code of conduct. Still, The Answer tried hard to get some things off his chest as Jewelz in the song “40 Bars.” Not exactly grade-A material, but he had enough lyrical chops to start working on an album.


Shaquille O’Neal

Standout Song: “(I Know I Got) Skillz”
Best Line: “I smoke-smoke the mic-mic, I Cheech & Chong you / You don’t like Shaq, frankly I don’t give a damn / I know I got skills man, I know I got skills man”

As a professional athlete, Shaquille O’ Neal dominated as the big man for the Los Angeles Lakers. When he transitioned into making rap tunes, Shaq Diesel’s reign in the game couldn’t be stopped. He was one of the rare basketball players who got a platinum-selling album, as well as worked with legendary artists like Phife Dawg, The Notorious B.I.G, and Erick Sermon. he was the total package and became successful in both lanes. Salute, Big Aristotle!

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  • BrianRaider

    Yea Good Shit Shaq & AI Was Da Coldest!!! Fuckin Cant Stop The Reign Cot Damn Shaq!!! Shaq & DJ Quik Dropped Some Bangers Too!!! I Wish AI Would Come Back To The NBA Even If Not He Still A Beast !!!

  • Clondyke Classic

    Stephen Jaccson go harder than all them guys real talk

  • miley

    lou williams of the atlanta hawks should be #1 on this list he nice check out his track “I want it all” with meek mill

  • Puppet H

    The Tony Parker and Fabolous though