11 Rappers Who Support LGBT Rights

Lil B I'm Gay

Lil B 

Bay Area rapper Lil B has been one of the most outspoken advocates in hip-hop for equality and rights for the LGBT community. Lil B’s brand of music preaches relentless positivism and acceptance of others and in 2011, he decided to make a bold statement in his advocacy of gay rights. Although he is heterosexual, Lil B released a mixtape titled I’m Gay (I’m Happy) ostensibly in support of LGBT rights on June 29, 2011.

Speaking on his reasons for titling the album, I’m Gay, Lil B told CNN at the time, “It was something that was going through my mind for a while. I feel like I’m man of the people: meeting people, respecting people and accepting people. I hope that I can turn some of my fans that might be homophobic or supporters that might be homophobic and say, “You know what, we’re all one people. This is love.”

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  • dipitlow

    who cares

  • Lem

    ha gay!

  • Mario

    A lot of this is them saying they don’t care. Not that they support it

  • Svn

    “It is no secret that hip-hop does not exactly have a sterling reputation when it comes to supporting gay rights in the country.”

    You know the population of gay people in america? It’s not many, so why the hell do they continue to get news coverage EVERY FREAKING DAY.

    Also the only real supporter is Macklemore, but that dude is pure cheese anyways so who cares what he thinks.